The Week According to the Internet #33


dog mistake 2

This week; Japan’s most expensive fruit, live Photoshopping at a bus stop and the best wedding photo ever. 

Sit back and take a quick look at what exploded this week!

OOPS: 28 dogs that have made terrible mistakes.

APOCALYPSE: Boost Mobile’s new zombie campaign.

LUXURIOUS: Inside Japan’s most expensive fruit shop.

RAPPED: News anchor Brian Williams does Warren G’s ‘Regulate’.

RETOUCHED: Bus stop Photoshop prank for Adobe Creative Days.

TRENDING: Google introduces a live-updating visualiser for Google Trends.

SPONTANEOUS: Philadelphia Orchestra musicians perform on delayed flight.

CLASSIC: Kanye gives interview, the Internet reacts.

INVADED: This might be the coolest wedding photo ever.

SHOCKER: Campaign for the UK’s Department for Transport turning heads.

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