We Are Social: Tuesday Tune Up #223

Your BFF, Facebook turned 12!

On the cusp of its terrible teens, Facebook appeared optimistic on Thursday when it celebrated its 12th Birthday. To honour the anniversary, the social network introduced Friends Day videos into all your news feeds. In celebrating the importance of connecting, Facebook used its Friends Graph to calculate the degrees between its 1.6 million members. Turns out we’re much closer than the previously believed, 6 degrees, it could be as little as 3.57 degrees (not as catchy admittedly). This only includes people who have Facebook accounts but currently, 72% of adults do.

Account Switching Now available on Instagram

In a development that will have Community Managers rejoicing, Instagram has confirmed a new feature that allows users to switch between multiple accounts. Multi-account switching will be available as part of Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android from this week.

Derek Zoolander, the unsuspecting model Instagram marketer

It makes sense for the innovator behind the duck pout selfie to be a masterful Instagram user, but the model-slashie can add one more slash to his title; Instagram Marketer. Showing us how to use Instagram to its fullest capacity, the Zoolander 2 marketing campaign has managed to use the social network in an organic way to reach thousands of followers. The Instagram campaign has been months in the making, with a feed that is almost indistinguishable from other lo-res celebrity Instagrams.

Kicking off the campaign with a US Vogue cover, featuring none other than Pineapple Cruz, the feed also features; celeb ‘squad’ cameos from the likes of Justin Bieber, Karlie Kloss and Katy Perry;  a model walk off with Cara Delevigne; a Blue Steel Studio app and of course opportune, memetastic content.  Through its timely social content and clever execution, the Zoolander Instagram channel has seen an exponential growth in the last 2 months, now reaching almost 1 million users. Expertly and seamlessly tapping into the industry that its satirising, Zoolander’s social campaign has certainly achieved really, really, ridiculously good looking results.

zoolander selfie vogue

What keeps marketers up at night?

According to research by the Korn Ferry Institute, it’s ‘improving customer experience’ that is top of CMO’s agendas when it comes to marketing objectives. In second place came ‘the ability to prove ROI’, followed by ‘Staying ahead of digital technology’. What do they think about Kanye Vs. Wiz Khalifa? The jury’s still out…

emarketer customer relationship

Facebook makes it easier to post in multiple languages

Facebook is testing a feature for page managers, which makes it easier to post the same post in multiple languages, so users abroad will see your content in their native tongue. It avoids any potentially awkward situations brought about by Facebook’s current translation tool.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 16.25.11

Instagram increases ad length to 60 seconds

Previously capped at 30 seconds, brands will now be able to run 60 seconds video ads on Instagram, making it even more compatible with the needs of advertisers following on from the removal of the ‘everything must be square’ rule. This new developments makes it easier for Instagram to steal ad spend from television and one of the first ads to run is the T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial starring Drake.

WhatsApp celebrates 1 BILLION users *puts little finger to mouth*

WhatsApp has thanked its now 1 billion users for getting them to this massive milestone and using their service for sharing ‘vital information’ among other things. All I can say is: WhatsApp, you’re welcome and thank YOU for helping me spread that #bieberweener pic around my friends so quickly.

Developers claim number of tweets is in serious decline

According to a sampling data from Twitter’s API, the number of tweets by Twitter users has fallen by more than half since a peak in August 2014. A Twitter spokesperson has refuted these claims saying simply: “This data is not correct”. Some theories suggest that Twitter is now filled with people who don’t actually tweet and also that younger users who are constantly messaging their fellow #beliebers and #Directioners etc have now migrated to Snapchat and Instagram.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 16.40.26

A Twitter gif button is being tested

A gif button is reportedly being tested on Twitter.WAS HQ reached out to We Are Social Co-Founder, Robin Grant for comment, who had the following to say:


Mobile game Cookie Jam first to run Snapchat app install ad
Snapchat has impressed advertisers with its BIG numbers (100 million active users, 7 billion video clips watched a day), but at the same time has attracted some criticism for its lack of meaningful data for brands looking to invest. The platform is now taking steps to resolve this. After it was recently revealed that it’s building an API into its platform that will help brands measure and target their campaigns, Snapchat is now launching app-install ads. Last week, iHeartRadio’s Discover channel ran an ad that instructed users to swipe to download SGN’s mobile game Cookie Jam, allowing users to get the game without leaving Snapchat. It’s too early to see the results yet, but no doubt marketers – especially those targeting a younger audience – will be watching closely.

Snapchat ‘Gatorade dunks’ Serena Williams with in new Superbowl campaign

Snapchat was heavily used by brands this year for the first time during the Super Bowl, both pushing out their own content and getting a helping hand from influencers. One of our favourite’s was Gatorades innovative Snapchat filter which allowed users, and Serena Williams, to share in the time honoured tradition of the notorious ‘Gatorade Dunk.’

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 17.55.45