We Are Social: Tuesday Tune Up #227

Facebook announces a WordPress plugin for Instant Articles

Remember when you had to wait for an article to load on Facebook? Nobody has time for that anymore, so Facebook is adding a nifty WordPress plugin for Instant Articles to enable WordPress publishers to allow for more interactive content. Unfortunately this is currently only available to a small handful of publishers, but should be rolling out along with the opening to Instant Articles to all in April.

We Are Social Tuesday Tune Up

Peeple launches to everyone’s dismay

Unless you get a kick out of having all your flaws pointed out publicly, you may be slightly scared to learn that an app described as ‘Yelp for people’ launched in North America on Monday. Peeple was originally in the media back in October when it was met with a overwhelmingly negative response…

Reviews can work both ways though, so if you want to create a positive review of me or any of the We Are Social team please go right ahead.

Trumping Facebook’s Reactions

Already over Facebook’s Reactions? Reaction Pack has created a Chrome and Firefox add-on to spice up the Wows and Sads with custom images. While the Justin Trudeau collection would brighten up any News Feed, it’s the Donald Trump pack that’s getting the strongest reaction so far.

We Are Social Tuesday Tune Up


Facebook Messenger partners with Spotify

If you have created the world’s best playlist that you can’t stop going on about, then now’s the time to share it with friends over Facebook Messenger. While you could previously share songs from Spotify via Messenger from within the Spotify interface, you can now do this from the comfort of Messenger. So next time you’re discussing Justin Bieber’s latest anthem with friends you can send them the Spotify link straight through Messenger. Just don’t go getting excited about sharing Taylor Swift’s latest song because we all know you aren’t going to find that on Spotify.

We Are Social Tuesday Tune Up

LinkedIn allows targeting of specific companies

While LinkedIn’s always been great for targeting industries and job titles, the professional network has just gone a step further and allows you to target your ads to employees of specific companies. Whether you’re a software company or a recruiter, this new level of targeting is certainly going to be of interest.

Instagram no longer supports linking to Snapchat and Telegram

While we all want to grow our Snapchat following (I know I’d love some more eyes on my inspirational stories) Instagram is throwing a spanner in the works and has blocked deep links to Snapchat and Telegram from users bios. Many a teen girl were previously including their ‘Add me/Follow me’ links in their profiles but over the past week Instagram has realised that letting people link to rival social channels and taking them off Instagram might not be a great business move.