How the election has turned from sausage, to Hanson, to #AusWaits

Social media has been buzzing since the Australian Federal Election on July 2nd, with a hung parliament looking like the most likely outcome. 

Conversation volume over the last 7 days

The big social media story post election is the response to the news of Pauline Hanson’s success in the senate.    

Top 5 hashtags: Pre and Post election  


News stories featuring Hanson have received a whopping 448,000 social shares.  


Social media reactions have been mostly negative.   

Australian Muslims have pointed out Hanson’s discriminatory policies.

In spirit of Brexit, some have called for #Quexit.

Others have criticised the government for the rise of Hanson and One Nation.

Whether it’s a wave of populism in the vain of Trump or Brexit, or whether it’s the sign of an anxious constituency with deeper concerns about the pace of change and jobs, Hanson is likely to intensify the political debate in this country. What we can be sure of is that social media will become the battleground for political conversation and ultimately the Australian identity.