Tuesday Tune-Up #244

Social networks skyrocket thanks to smartphones

According to a new eMarketer report, almost 1/3 of the world’s population will regularly access a social network in 2016. That’s 2.34 BILLION people. This is up 9.2% from last year and has been largely attributed to the smartphone, which has increased Internet availability in growing markets such as Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.



Long story short, we can expect this number to only further skyrocket as smartphones continue taking over the world.

Facebook algorithm continues to prioritise friends and family

As users, we’re excited. As advertisers, we’re concerned. Facebook announced this week that it is once again adjusting its newsfeed algorithm – this time to further de-emphasise publisher and brand news in favour of posts from family and friends. The company explained that the change is in response to fan feedback stating that they’re worried about missing important updates from those they care about. Though this is bad news for brands and content creators, we’re relieved that Mum’s gardening updates and Jane’s baby’s birthday parties will finally start getting the recognition they deserve. 

Internet Access is now a human right

The United Nations Human Rights Council passed a non-binding resolution that will condemn countries for taking away citizens’ Internet access, particularly in “measures to intentionally prevent or disrupt access to dissemination of information online”. The resolution received support from more than 70 states, which is a giant step forward for accessible education, sustainable development and government accountability. It’s also great fodder for any teenager trying to re-negotiate the terms of their punishment. Drop the ol’ “UNHRC” and Mum’ll back right off.


Facebook promotes money sending on Messenger in the US

Ah, Facebook, forever finding money to spend or money to…send?  Yes, the social network is now highlighting the fact that users can send money on Messenger as part of an ongoing US trial. Facebook introduced peer-to-peer Messenger payments early last year, but it has been hidden away under a menu of ‘more’ options in the app. Now, when people click on ‘Send or Request Money’ in the main Facebook app, they will be redirected to Messenger to spend until their thumb is content.




Facebook launches fan-curated event lists

Weekend plans a little light? Instagram content a little dry? Fear not – Facebook is launching hand-picked (by actual humans!) event listings. Starting initially in 10 US cities, the chosen curators will pick each city’s top art, entertainment, family, festival, fitness, food, drink, learning, community, music and sport events that have room for extra people. The chosen events will appear on top of your regular ‘Events’ tab and leave enough lead time for you to gather a group of friends to go. Talk about #realtime planning. This is perfect for the impulsive Insta post. 



Pinterest launches shopping cart and visual search function

Everyone’s favourite fantasy-lifestyle app announced new features designed to transform it from the place you daydream about to a place you can make your own – for a price, of course. Shoppers in the US will now be able to run a visual search for lookalike items, select the ones they like and add them to a shopping cart. Then comes the dangerous part – the ability to buy multiple products from different merchants all at once. That “imaginary, slightly vintage yet very expensive wedding” board you’ve been curating for years? Consider it done. 

Wimbledon coffee machine takes latte art to the next level

Facebook, meet FaceCoffee. This year, Wimbledon teamed up with Lavazza at the Grand Slam tournament to serve up perfect coffee content featuring athletes’ faces ‘printed’ into the foam. The machine is called The Ripple Maker and creates foam designs from miniature coffee extract drops. We’re thinking we need this for our office kitchen to make really creepy client coffees. Cheers to the idea, Lavazza!