Tuesday Tune-Up #266

‘Tis the season for Facebook ‘Year in Review’ videos

There are a few things in life that are only relevant in December: Justin Bieber’s angelic single “Mistletoe”, recipes for leftover ham and morning after the office Christmas party gossip are but a few. Do you know what’s never relevant to anyone, ever? Personalised Facebook ‘Year in Review’ videos. Call me Bah-Humbug, but it’s the time of year where Facebook releases personalised videos that flood your News Feed and share highlights from “Another trip around the sun”. Not to brag (and that’s mainly what these videos are for), but one of the genuine highlights in my video is a photo of a bag of Woolworth’s chocolate covered pretzels that my friend shared. I’ll leave you to make your own assumptions on my 2016 from that.

We Are Social Tuesday Tune-Up

#ThisHappened on Twitter in Australia
Facebook isn’t the only platform reliving a very wild 2016 – Twitter has also compiled a blog of the year. Unsurprisingly, #auspol was the biggest hashtag of the year pushing #ausvotes into second place. It seems we’re a nation of political lovers when it comes to expressing ourselves in 140 characters or less. Elsewhere on the blog, they show the biggest topics in Music, TV and Sport, and note that four of the 10 most followed Australians are the band members of 5 Seconds Of Summer. Not to compete with Twitter, but here’s my own chart from Sysomos showing the most tweeted words about 5SOS. It’s truly insightful…

We Are Social Tuesday Tune-Up

Facebook announces Live 360 video
Whether you’re a brand with an awesome story to tell, or an oversharer with a few GoPros, Facebook’s latest announcement is sure to please. The Live 360 product is being launched for selected pages tonight with National Geographic set to be the first to show off the new tech, with it being rolled out for more pages and profiles into 2017.

Facebook reveals more flaws in ad stats
In a recent announcement, Facebook has said it will ‘tweak’ the way it estimates potential audience sizes for new campaigns with advertisers, after admitting its numbers seemed ‘off’. Other things to be ‘tweaked’ include the number of reactions (Likes, Loves etc.) reported in live videos after errors were reported in that area, too.

Facebook introduces own version of Snapchat geofilters
If you thought Facebook introducing Messenger Day (remember that?) was a direct Snapchat copy, then you may be able to guess where Facebook looked for inspiration for its new location-based camera “frames”. These are not just limited to the Messenger app, but can also be used across your uploads and profile pictures as you wish.

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Instagram makes changes to its comments section
Not getting enough love on Instagram? Why not throw a few comments and likes out there and hope the karma comes back to you? Yes, that’s right, you can now ‘Like’ people’s comments on Instagram following changes made to the platform. While you’re out there looking for some A+ comments to like, how about sparing some love for the cake I made this weekend? On the flip side of this, Instagram has also introduced the ability to disable comments and remove followers without blocking them which comes as part of a new push to make Instagram a “welcoming and safe space”.

Snapchat looks to take on TV with new Turner deal
If you’re getting a bit bored of your daily viewing of the Food Network Snap Story then you are not me, because viewing that is quite possibly the highlight of my day. However, if you’re looking for more entertainment on Snapchat, then you’ll be delighted to hear that Snapchat has made a new deal with Turner, which will see more news, comedy, sports and original shows coming to Snapchat in the coming months. This is the latest move Snap.Inc has made to boost high-quality, original content in the app as it prepares to go public in March.

LinkedIn introduces Conversation Starters for breaking the ice
Now, I never feel like people struggle with Conversation Starters on LinkedIn – last week a friend received a whole poem from a recruiter as a means of an introduction. However, if you’re a bit less forward when it comes to asking people you’ve never met to hear you out, then you’ll be glad to know LinkedIn is now offering handy conversations starters to help you get the ball rolling. Take a look.

You can now Google things on Twitter using emoji
Google has launched a campaign that lets you tweet them with an emoji, and it will reply with a GIF and local search results about that emoji. So if you tweet a coffee, it will reply with local coffee places. Send a Christmas tree and you’ll get local Christmas tree, er, shops. An eggplant? Well that’s none of my business. ?☕️


CoverGirl has launched a new influencer-based chatbot
Ever wanted to chat with your favourite influencer? Or at least a bot that thinks they are your favourite influencer? You’re in luck because the first influencer-based chatbot has been launched by cosmetics brand CoverGirl. Kalanibot is a bot version of 16-year-old American dancer, model and TV personality Kalani Hilliker. Results so far include 14 times more conversations with the chatbot than with an average post by Ms. Hilliker, 91% positive sentiment, an average of 17 messages per conversation, 48% of conversations leading to coupon delivery and 51% click-through on coupons delivered.

This post is courtesy of @catherineelaine