Tuesday Tune-Up #267

2016 was an interesting year – just Google it

Not going to lie – I’m pretty excited to see the end of 2016. But in the darkness of celebrity deaths and political mayhem, Google is bringing us the silver lining (and a few tears) with their #YearInSearch 2016. Grab your tissues – it’s well worth the watch.

Move along, magazines. Instagram is giving us self-esteem issues now

All hail the end of print advertising – people have found digital channels to drown themselves in insecurities. A new study shows that young women are comparing themselves more to images on social media than traditional billboards and magazines. While this may not come as a surprise, it does come as a concern, as social is virtually inescapable and all-consuming with younger, more impressionable audiences. We haven’t found a solution, but immediate treatments include unfollowing #VSFashionShow and following @hotdudeswithdogs (#justsaying).

Snapchat is getting supersized
Your prayers have been answered. A Snapchat party with you and your closest 16 friends is now possible thanks to changes made in chat app’s latest update. And with music-identification platform, Shazam, joining the platform’s party as well, you can now identify songs playing nearby and add a quality soundtrack! Thanks, Old Saint Snapchat, love an early Christmas gift!

Facebook continues crackdown of fake news
Looking for a new job? Facebook is now seeking a candidate to claim the title Head of News Partnerships. The person they’re looking for should have at least 20 years experience (note: Facebook has been around for 12) and will become the platform’s leading representative with news organisations worldwide. I’d advise against lying on your resume for this one, but I would ask Mr. Zuckerberg how much experience he had when he started at Facebook.

Facebook tests letting users hide upsetting ads
Facebook targeting can both be both a blessing and a curse. I, for one, love being able to uncover those niche interests you thought you’d buried deep in your Facebook likes. But it’s no secret that Facebook targeting can miss some key social cues in sensitivity. Facebook is trying to reduce the impact of this by letting people block certain types of ads and making it easier for them to know how to do it. At the moment, the restriction is only applicable to children’s products and alcohol but will be rolled out to other areas if users report concerns.

Facebook admits fourth measurement error
Fake news reporting isn’t the only issue hot on Facebook’s agenda this year. Ironically, their own reporting isn’t as accurate as it should be. The company recently admitted making ANOTHER mistake in measurement, this time involving Instant Articles. Instant Articles let publishers upload articles directly to Facebook, which means less loading time for readers and, handily, allows the platform to keep 100% of the ad revenue. Unfortunately, a third-party measurement company, comScore, has let Facebook know that the website has been underreporting traffic from iPhones. Facebook is working with comScore to produce updated estimates for the publishers affected.

You can now live stream direct on Twitter…without the need for Periscope
Is Periscope even still a thing? With Twitter’s latest update, the short answer is no. Users can now live stream to their hearts’ content on Twitter without having to use the Periscope app. All you need to do is open the Twitter app, click “compose new tweet” and tap the “LIVE” button. What you do after that, well, that’s up to you!

Going down: Snapchat Live Stories
The word on the advertiser street is that viewer numbers on Snapchat Live Stories are going down, and with them, marketing dollars. Viewership for Live Stories has been flat, at best, for more than a year, but has now dropped from an average of 20m viewers per 24 hours to 10-20m in the same time period.

Save this idea down on Instagram
Gone are the days of searching through your liked posts or screenshotting ‘grams for later. Instagram has rolled out the bookmarking feature of “Saved Posts” for all your Christmas wishlist needs. Audi has already zoomed ahead with their branded approach – a fun puzzle to recreate an image of the Audi R8 by saving posts in the right order.


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