Tuesday Tune-Up #278

Instagram lets you save Live Stories

Remember that time you created the world’s best piece of content as a Instagram Live Story? No? Me neither. However you may be interested to know Instagram is now letting users save their Live Stories to view back later. While this seems a little self-indulgent for personal users (you’d never catch me watching back my Snap stories time and time again) it is great for brands wanting to capture social content to keep on file or share with internal stakeholders. It also serves as yet another reminder that things that disappear on social media don’t disappear forever and to think twice before you say or do anything in an Instagram Live Story.


Snapchat launches Bitmoji widget chat shortcuts for home screen
If your favourite thing about Snapchat isn’t creating Bitmojis of your colleagues wearing shirts of each other’s faces and riding unicorns together then you are simply missing out. And now, Snapchat is taking your Bitmoji love a step further by letting users add Bitmoji widgets for their friends. Other new features include the ability to select their favourite friends and click from their iOS Today screen or Android home screen to launch straight into a chat with that specific friend.

Snapchat started testing this last week in Android beta, but it’s officially being rolled out to everyone in the iOS and Android app update.

Snapchat is creating lots of ‘Our Stories’ for March Madness
Another sport, another Snapchat activation! This time, Snapchat is capturing streams of videos and photos fans take during the NCAA March Madness Tournament as part of their partnership with Turner. The platform aims to publish more than 30 ‘Our Stories’ during the three weeks of games.

To execute, each arena is wrapped with themed geofilters that fans can put on top of their photos and videos. Content will also include craziest game moments, behind-the-scenes footage from arenas, and parties on college campuses. Capital One will also be running full screen Snap Ads within ‘Our Stories,’ and a sponsored lens will run from April 2nd-3rd.

Facebook expands its Stories feature to more countries
Well, this is not fake news. Facebook has expanded its Stories feature test to include more countries. While it was originally tested in Ireland, the feature is now also available in Chile, Vietnam and Greece, bringing its current Messenger Day feature to the forefront of the platform.

No word on when it will hit Australia, but stay tuned for another way to share inane details of your day!

LinkedIn introduces profile photo filters and editing tools
We all know that when you make it to 500+ LinkedIn connections nothing else matters anymore, but to help you to win at LinkedIn (the ultimate goal in life) they’ve added photo editing within its mobile app. This gives users a quick and easy way to crop and enhance their photos with six different filters and a function to edit the contrast, brightness and saturation of the profile picture. Unless you are applying to be a model, you hopefully don’t have to worry about being employed based on your looks, but having a (seemingly-professional) crop on that nightclub photo of you probably isn’t a bad idea.

McDonald’s accidentally sends out extremely Anti-Trump tweet
McDonald’s social media team is under fire as it appears to have sent an angry tweet to President Donald Trump. The brand investigated and issued a statement that the Twitter account had actually been hacked by an external source. I have to believe them as I hope someone working in social media at that calibre would at least come up with something slightly more original and clever than “also you have tiny hands” or at least hurl insults with proper punctuation. Regardless, the burger burlers have been fended off as McDonald’s has apologised and secured the account. Awks.

This post courtesy of @catherineelaine