A Tasty Case Study: Cartoon Network partners with Doughnut Time

Client work
To celebrate the stars of Cartoon Network show Adventure Time coming to Australia to appear in Adventure Time LIVE, we decided to put together an integrated campaign to get fans excited. While we knew Adventure Time fans loved the show, awareness about the live events was low, and we were tasked with amplifying the event on Cartoon Network’s social channels and extending the life of the campaign beyond the event itself.

To help meet these objectives, we partnered with Doughnut Time, an East Coast doughnut shop with a huge cult following that closely aligned to the Adventure Time LIVE audience. In celebration of the show’s ‘Bacon Pancakes’ song, we worked with Doughnut Time to create a Bacon Pancake flavoured doughnut that took on the likeness of one of the show’s key characters: Jake the Dog.

The doughnuts were sold in every Doughnut Time store across Australia for over a week as well as selling out at Adventure Time LIVE in Sydney. The partnership was exclusively announced globally on Buzzfeed before national and international press such as Pedestrian picked up on the excitement around this collaboration.

We sent doughnuts to key influencers, who all shared their exciting deliveries through Instagram stories and worked with Doughnut Time to arrange store visits from Adventure Time voice talent and character costumes across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The ‘Always An Adventure Time’ doughnuts were the third best selling doughnut in stores on their first two days in stores, and social shares garnered over 44,000 earned engagements without any investment.

While fans got excited about the doughnuts, we knew there was more that could be done to generate national excitement. We worked with YouTube star Louna Maroun to host a Facebook Live Q&A with three of the leading voice talent. Louna shared her excitement for the Q&A across all her social channels, and we also solicited fan questions on both the Cartoon Network Australia and the global Adventure Time Facebook pages.

Cartoon Network Australia’s first ever Facebook Live took place an hour before the Sydney LIVE show and saw over 5,000 people tune in. To extend the reach of this engaging content, we cut a highlights reel reducing the length of the content to form a more consumable content piece that has had over 97,000 views since its upload.

For fans at the event, we were keen to give them the tools to share their experience with their friends who couldn’t attend, so we created Cartoon Network’s first Australian custom Snapchat geofilters at each of the three events. Over 500 attendees used the geofilters, reaping 18,000 views.

In total, 49 pieces of press coverage were generated and content on the Cartoon Network Australia channel had a reach of 533,326 driving 64,433 engagements. Content on the Adventure Time page delivered over 50,000 engagements, which helped the whole campaign drive over 200,000 total engagements with a hugely positive sentiment towards both Adventure Time and Adventure Time LIVE.