Wednesday Wrap-Up #288

Snapchat introduces Custom Stories
Snapchat just changed the friend group game. With Instagram breathing down its neck, the ephemeral genius is taking extreme measures to prove its playful platform really is more fun. Cue Custom Stories – a feature that allows users to create a specialised group (and judgement free zone) to share content together from wherever they are. It works by allowing the user to select a list of friends to be in the group so that they can view and add to the Story. Keeping with the platform’s private tone, content shared within the group stays hidden from outsiders, which means the general public can’t see your mates’ #crapchat competitions or weekly walks of shame. While they probably intended it for holidays with friends, family parties and weddings we all know the direction it’s headed, and my footy trips just became way more fun.
Brands, say hello to World Lenses
Despite the somewhat mixed reviews around Snapchat’s World Lenses, the ghost is determined to make these a thing. As such, they’re making the technology available to brands to create their own 3D graphics and place them within the ‘real world.’ Several brands within Australia have expressed interest but none have officially launched yet.

SNapchat World Lenses


Archive your unliked photos with Instagram’s new feature
Hands up if you’ve been here before – it’s 1 am and for some random reason (or, alcohol) you decide it’s a good idea to post a photo of you proudly high-fiving the DJ at World Bar and it receives a stellar…two likes + a comment from your nan telling you to ‘stay safe.’ Despite the fact that this still received more likes than it deserved, you probably wouldn’t want this permanent stain on your profile page dragging down your engagement/reputation (I personally average 58.4 Likes per post…but who’s counting?) A week ago, you would have had to delete the post and hide the evidence, but now you can simply sweep it under the rug by archiving it. As such, you’ll still be able to laugh at it at a later date. Unfortunately, Instagram is just testing this feature at the moment, but I vote they roll it out to everyone ASAP. Thanks for the memories, Insta!

Instagram has rolled out DR video ads on its Stories feed
Instagram has started running direct response ads in its Stories feed. The first vertical video format ad from payment provider SumUp appeared Wednesday last week, and reports suggest the platform is “experimenting with ads encouraging app installation, sign-ups on websites and other goals that are already part of the main Instagram ad offering.” Not much more to say on this one…sorry.

Split-screen livestreaming is coming to Facebook
Friend groups, get excited! Facebook is also all upping your content opportunities. As such, they’ve introduced a split-screen livestreaming feature so you can now share the screen with a friend and create Live content together from separate locations. Or, for brands, you can have two influencers streaming from multiple stages at Splendour. This feature is available on iOS now with an Android rollout to follow soon. Stay tuned to see how brands take advantage of it in upcoming campaigns.

Facebook now lets you watch two videos at once
Facebook’s new watch-and-scroll video format has been rolled out to all desktop users and could be an interesting new source of ad inventory. The feature lets you continue watching organic videos and ads while scrolling through your feed. Once users click on a video, it appears adjacent to the feed in a ‘sticky’ player that can be moved around the screen.


*Meme cred: me 

Twitter’s DM cards make it easy to slide into a chat with a bot
Twitter recently rolled out a Direct Message Card aimed at promoting brands’ chatbots. The card can be customised with an image or video and encourages users to start a fun conversation with a bot that isn’t focussed on sales or signups.

Evian opts for Snapchat over traditional TV for its latest babies campaign
A secret wedding AND victory over TV? Evan Spiegel, welcome to your best week ever. And it involves babies that you don’t have to raise! Evian’s infamously adorable bouncing babies from its ‘Live Young’ campaign are back and bouncier than ever on Snapchat. In addition to a supersized digital and out-of-home campaign, the campaign will launch a Snapchat lens and filter fans will go goo-goo-gah-gah for. Don’t expect to see these bouncing bundles of joy on the big screen though, as the brand will not be promoting the campaign on TV for the first time ever.
evian babies

This post courtesy of @jakegunstone