Facebook gets colourful for pride month

Facebook is turning all the colours of the rainbow for pride month by rolling out a variety of ways for you to show that you support the cause. You can now change your profile photo overlay, use the already fan favourite ‘pride reaction’, add filters and stickers to images, and even write in rainbows on Instagram. The only thing missing is the rainbow vomit filter. Damn, I miss that Snapchat filter…

Katy Perry locks herself in a room for 96 hours and the internet gets SUPER creepy
Did you spend your long weekend watching Katy Perry sleep, eat, and talk to the left shark? Go on, admit it…Hot on the heels of the release of her latest album ‘Witness’, the pop star decided it was time to have her Celebrity Big Brother moment – giving fans a glimpse into her life in a 96-hour live stream on YouTube. In case you missed it, hot takeaways from the stream: Does she really dislike Taylor Swift? And who was better in bed John Mayer, Diplo or Orlando Bloom?

Facebook to air its first scripted show because NO, the market is not already oversaturated

Facebook is set to delve into the realms of television, after its decision to revive the cancelled MTV series “Loosely Exactly Nicole” for a second season. Following the path that YouTube has laid out, is this the beginning of the next chapter in the digital television evolution?
Apple is ramping up to the release of the tentatively titled ‘iPhone 8’
With less than a month until launch, rumours are circulating about the next generation of iPhones and how much they will improve upon the underwhelming iPhone 7.iOS11 will be the operating system launched alongside the upgraded handset with new features like Apple Pay via text message, a space optimiser, and a newly designed Siri that will be powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Instagram don’t want none of your spam

Facebook Canvas ads can now be included in Collection ads

Confused? Yeh, me too. So let’s break this down. A canvas ad is Facebook’s full-screen immersive ad-unit and collection that enables brands to combine a video ad with four recommended products showcased underneath. Now, Facebook has combined these two formats so users can click one of the four products and then be taken into a canvas to explore more.

Facebook has also launched some new canvas building templates that do exactly what they say on the tin: Get new customers, sell products and showcase your business.

Snapchat acquires ‘Placed’ to prove geofilters drive in-store visits

In an attempt to prove its literal worth, Snapchat has acquired Placed, a company which helps determine ROI from its ads, which are trying to drive footfall in-store. Snapchat will be hoping this helps boost advertiser confidence after its share price fell more than 20 percent in its first earning call this month.

Apple’s Business Chat attempts to lure customer service to iMessage

Apple is trying to make iMessage the new up and coming place for businesses to take their customer service. Please welcome to the game: “Business Chat”, which will be able to operate across iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It’s predicted they’ll be in full roll out come September when iOS11 launches.