Tuesday Tune-Up #305

Facebook and Google account for 63.1% of US digital ad revenues
The latest figures from eMarketer show that Facebook and Google combined will account for 63.1% of all digital ad spend revenues in the United States in 2017. This will also be the first year that Facebook has captured one in five of every ad dollars spent.

Facebook’s M is getting more GIFs and adding cinema push
Have you been bantering with a bot? Now that Facebook Messenger’s virtual assistant, M, is getting smarter, that very well could be the case. The AI assistant now automatically suggests text replies and GIF responses based on messages you receive from friends, making it quicker and easier to reply in the chat. It has also added a new function that detects when you’re talking about movies and prompts you to buy tickets using the Fandango chat extension.

Facebook adds two new tools for comparing social with TV
Facebook has introduced two new tools for advertisers that help them gain a better understanding of cross-platform ad performance. The first tool, Facebook Cross-Platform Brand Lift, uses TV viewing data to assess brand sentiment across Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network. The second tool will allow advertisers to determine if someone watching a TV ad also saw a social ad.

Facebook now lets advertisers match their best ads with the right audience
A new update to Power Editor, Dynamic Creative, automatically generates creative variants and finds the best-performing combination for the target audience. Advertisers simply create different variations of elements of an ad – photos, title, CTA etc, without having to manually produce complete ad variants.

Facebook improves tools for advertisers to target offline shoppers with online ads
Facebook has created a revised set of advertising tools that allow advertisers to target consumers who have made offline purchases, or go one step further and create lookalike audiences to help discover new potential shoppers with similar characteristics.

Snapchat celebrates its 6th birthday with sky filters and more 3D Bitmoji lenses

Snapchat launched a new set of filters that can be applied to sky settings, which are automatically detected by the app. The filters are meant to alter the sky’s appearance and look like this…

In addition to that, Snapchat also created further sets of the recently-launched Bitmoji 3D lenses. And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Snapchat’s birthday than with a good old Barbie in the park…

Snapchat teams up with creative partners to create custom ad formats 

Snapchat is committed to putting stronger efforts in creating more relevant and engaging ads on the platform and has therefore partnered with various creative teams that will help build custom games, interactive videos, gyroscope-powered experiences, lead generation campaigns, and pre-loaded Instant Apps as destinations for Snapchat ads. They’ll also help connect advertisers to influencers, despite Snapchat historically distancing itself from social stars.

Instagram launches face filters for live video

Until recently, people could only use face filters in images and videos that were captured first and then shared on the platform. Now, we can use the popular feature also for live videos. You will be able to apply the filters either before you start streaming or during the broadcast by tapping the face icon in the bottom right corner of the Instagram live interface. The feature will be rolled out globally over the next few weeks.

YouTube launches new custom targeting tools and an AI-powered content creator
Facebook isn’t the only one upping its tool game. YouTube has announced some very cool new tools that are going to delight advertisers on the video sharing platform. The first new toy is a tweak to its Custom Affinity Audiences tool, which will allow brands to target users based on recent app downloads as well as places they’ve visited. The second new tool, known as Director Mix, allows advertisers to upload several video templates that the platform then spins into tens, hundreds or even thousands of shortened custom clips. Machine learning functionality will then help determine which of these micro edits are performing best.

Twitter rolls out Popular Articles feature
Twitter has finally launched its Popular Articles feature for both iOS and Android. The feature, which can be found in the Explore tab, serves up stories being shared in your network and local area.

Burger King and Sainsbury’s launch first-ever ads shot on Spectacles
Spectacles, remember those? Burger King and Sainsbury’s are some of the first brands to roll out Snap ads that were shot exclusively on the platform’s film-with-your-face technology. Snap has created its own ads with the glasses, but this is the first time brands have tried the format.

John Lewis is the first UK retailer to trial 360 Collection ads
John Lewis is the first UK retailer to experiment with Facebook’s 360 Collections format, which allows users to click on content from all angles and then be directed to the website for purchase.

This post courtesy of @vanessa_mller