For Download: We Are Social Influencer Report

Social Thinking

“Influencer marketing” is no longer just an up-and-coming industry trend or buzzword. The phenomenon has officially gone mainstream, with brands of all sizes, budgets, audiences, and categories leveraging social stars’ reach, scale, and in many cases, incredible content creation skills. Yet, best practices are far from established in the new and evolving space. While We Are Social has been utilising Influencers for years, we felt there was more to learn.

So what does it take to engage Influencers authentically and effectively? We asked their audiences and Influencers themselves to help us understand the discipline from their perspective in our first qualitative and quantitative influencer report, Under the Influence.

“The growth of Influencers is accelerating. We undertook this research to get under the skin of Influencers’ appeal to consumers, so we can advise our clients how to leverage them most effectively,” We Are Social managing director, Suzie Shaw, said at the report’s launch event.

“With the rise of Influencers, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of people deriving a living from creative pursuits and the volume of inspirational content on offer to consumers. And with 49% of Australians born overseas or having one or both parents born abroad*, consumers are drawn to the more diverse lineup among influencers than they see in mainstream media. From Mychonny to Superwog and Li-Chi Pan to Natalie Tran, they’re more representative of Australian consumers and their interests,” she said.

Here you’ll find the full report, which outlines how Influencers provide audiences with entertainment, accessibility, diversity, relatability, and identity-shaping content. If you have any questions or comments, please tweet us @wearesocialAU  or use the hashtag #WeAreSocialAU. If you’d like to get in touch about working together, please reach out here.

Under The Influence from Suzie Shaw