Tuesday Tune-Up #311

Instagram Story previews double in size

In case you needed more looping videos of your mates clinking overpriced cocktails at Opera Bar, your prayers have been Insta-answered. The platform has announced that it’s going to make the previews that interrupt your normal Instagram TWICE as big. So, it’ll be even harder to ignore the fact you weren’t invited to the party.

Facebook smashes it out of the park 

Facebook has reported a year-on-year profit increase of 79 percent in Q3, which exceeds Wall Street predictions. This news comes off the back of their Capitol Hill hearings over Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election. Monthly active users are also up 3.19 percent on Q2, so it doesn’t seem like old mate Putin has done much to dampen Zuckerberg’s dominance.

Stacy Camgirl4U has sent you a friend request

Before you consider accepting that shady friend request (don’t), you probably should know that, after releasing their Q3 earnings and results, Facebook has disclosed it could have tens of millions of fake or duplicate accounts on its books. Two-to-three percent of its 2.1 billion users in Q3 were labeled as “user-unclassified and undesirable accounts,” and another 10 percent were duplicates of real users – equalling almost 270 million ‘illegitimate’ accounts. Fake news, fake views?

Up your Facebook poll game with GIFs

Is this a good idea?

Facebook announces new tools to fine-tune your campaigns

Aside from polls, Facebook has introduced two other new, exciting tools – Creative Split Testing and Test and Learn. Creative Split Testing is available now through Business Manager and lets you change different elements of your creative to see which performs better. Test and Learn is a software that gives you a range of questions to choose from and a test that might give you more insight into what works best with your audience. So what does this mean? As a designer, I’m not really sure, but stay tuned next week for more answers from my media savvy colleagues. In the meantime, I’ll get started on creating two versions of everything…*eye roll*

Snapchat inevitably starts pixel tracking

Do you remember when Snapchat’s CEO called pixel advertising “creepy”? Yeah, me either, but now Snapchat has started rolling out pixel tracking for advertisers. Desperate times call for desperate measurements, Evan.

Ben & Jerry’s create Facebook AR marshmallow game

To promote a new limited edition marshmallow flavour, Ben & Jerry’s and 360i have paired up to create a Facebook AR filter that challenges you to catch five marshmallows in your mouth. It also pops a pair of shaded spectacles on you, because, well, kids seem to love them. The Facebook filter is part of a bigger campaign to launch the ice cream brand’s newest partnership with Jimmy Fallon.

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