Tuesday Tune-up #317

User-generated Snapchat filters are here…
Ho ho ho! It’s the Christmas edition of the Tuesday Tune-up and what better gift than Snapchat empowering users to create their own augmented reality filters. Snapchat has democratised the software that lets you create a World Lens and the potential is limitless. I’m expecting Santa to be popping out of chimneys and John Travolta to be entering parties. Could YOU design the next dancing hotdog? Dare to dream.

Instagram lets users follow hashtags
Instagram has introduced a brand new way to explore a hashtag. Previously users could only click through a hashtag on a post, or search for a specific tag in the Explore section of the app. But now, you can actually follow one. So you can see all the #worstgiftsever this Christmas without having to search for them. *disclaimer: some of these gifts are actually the #bestgiftsever, reference below.

Bathe and Brew

Facebook has gifted users a bunch of updates
Facebook is sneaking in a few final updates before the end of the year. Here’s a list of what to expect in order of relevancy for myself:

1. Poking is a thing again 
– Although it’s never gone away, Facebook has moved the Poke button to a more prominent position near the message button. So it is now socially acceptable to start poking again, well…. sort of.  Facebook are also considering other actions like winks, waves, high-fives or hugs. Watch this space!

2. Snooze button your social – Now you’ll be able to press ‘snooze’ on your newsfeed and unfollow certain people or posts for 30 days. Staying at home over the holidays? Avoid seasonal FOMO by pausing all your globetrotting mates’ holiday pics for a month. See you in Feb!

4. Privacy settings on comments is tested – A handful of users have been able to test changing the privacy settings on individual comments under posts. This should allow you to avoid a flame war and just insult that one person privately.

5. RIP Ticker – For those of you that didn’t know the Ticker while it was alive; the side bar which shows real-time friend activity and the only way to view what’s actually happening in chronological order. It has been quietly taken round the back and shot. Even if you select ‘recent view’ for your newsfeed, you have to re-select it every time you log in. So the message here is – give up your independent thinking and let Facebook decide, ok?

3. Choose whether to post on profile or newsfeed – An eagle-eyed social media hound has spotted that Facebook is testing a setting which lets users choose whether to post onto their newsfeed or just onto their profile. A change made to encourage more sharing.

6. Facebook Watch creators get a boost – The newsfeed ranking is getting updated to prioritise publishers and other video creators that are making shows for its new video section, Watch. It has also confirmed that it will be using Watch as a testing ground for pre-rolls.

A new WhatsApp ad product is launched for Facebook
A new ad format is being launched on Facebook which lets you directly message a brand on WhatsApp. Users will be able to call or message with just one click of a button after seeing the ad.

Twitter makes threads official and shows video views
Twitter has built in a feature which now lets users officially do Twitter threads as opposed to, well, just tweeting again and again and again. It kind of takes the edge off of the thrill of a thread. You can also now see how many views a video has had to see if it’s OFFICIALLY worth your time.

Twitter’s increased character counts fall flat

Twitter proves less may indeed be more through recent stats showing that despite increasing character limits to 280 characters, only 5% of tweets have taken advantage of using more than the traditional 140. While there have been some creative uses (Twitter Chess anyone?) it’s not yet proving the bullseye Twitter were no doubt hoping for. 2018 will show whether longer tweets improve engagement metrics for marketers on the channel.

Now you can play a Last Jedi Instant Game on Facebook
Santa has really come early this year.

Facebook brings dark posts into the light

In a welcome and long-overdue development, Facebook has added a feature allowing users to see all ads paid for by any particular page. The View Ads feature will show all advertisements paid for on the platform by a particular brand. The move is a reaction to Facebook’s misuse by Russian provocateurs targeting paid ads from erroneous Pages during the 2016 US Presidential Election, and should give consumers greater transparency over the veracity of ads and their origins. It’s also important news for marketers, who will be able to see all the ads their competition pays for.

Uber makes great vision and bad music out of your trips

Love seeing your life in data? You can now supplement your Spotify Your Year in Music with a petrol-powered equivalent. Uber has rolled out a “Year with Uber” which creates a year in review music video based on your trip history.  It doesn’t do a lot with the data (a whole section on going to live sporting events? Uber, you should know me better) and the music track is strangely awful, but the graphics are pretty great.

Uber Year in Review

And that’s a wrap on the Tuesday Tune-Up for 2017! Have a wonderful Christmas break and safe New Year and we’ll see you in 2018.