Tuesday Tune-Up #340

Look out Snapchat, Instagram is coming for your ‘Discover’ audience
Any older siblings out there? Remember when your kid sister/brother used to steal all your clothes, mimic what you’d say, and use “but Timmy got to do it!” as a justifiable argument when asking for something they were way to young to be doing at their age? Well, we now know how Snapchat feels. After ripping off their Stories feature last year, Instagram is now out for Discover. They’ve recently released plans to launch a Snapchat ‘Discover’-style video hub with videos that will range from roughly five-to-fifteen minutes in length and will consist of content similar to those of YouTube creators – less HBO miniseries, more teen Vlogger with a decent budget. Instagram will apparently eventually allow creators to monetise content, though they haven’t divulged more than vague details there yet.

Instagram Stories Steals Snapchat Users

Instagram lets users instantly re-post Stories they’re mentioned in
And now, something original from Insta. Last week, Instagram announced the launch of a new feature, @mention Sharing, which enables users to instantly re-share a Story they’re mentioned in to their own Story. From now on, whenever users publish a Story with a friend tagged, they will receive a pop-up notification allowing them to re-share the post for 24 hours. The taggee will then receive a notification giving them the option to share – as well as being able to make adjustments to the new version of the post, such as adding stickers, text and more. This update only applies to public accounts and on Instagram’s v48 of its Android and iOS app.

Scroll all about it! Facebook nears deal for news shows
In light of an announcement to rid their platform of its “Trending” section, Facebook is shifting away from that Fake News hotbed for a more reliable, controlled news sharing feature. The platform announced it’s nearly closed a deal to show news programmes on its Facebook Watch platform, which will include content from CNN and Fox News, among others. The news programmes are financed by Facebook and will run solely on the platform.

Lip Sync Live now available on Facebook
When did karaoke become anything besides a 2 am activity induced by one too many VBs, never to be performed sober or filmed for later shame? Well, now, apparently. With the launch of their new feature Lip Sync Live, Facebook is suggesting we all take a crack at dry karaoke and broadcast it publicly via a livestream! Aiming to appeal to a younger audience and compete with existing platforms such as Dubsmash and Musical.ly., the new feature enables users to sing along to their favourite tracks in Live video mode. Thinking this will be such a smash hit with their ageing users, the feature even comes complete with a tag-like “With” option so your friends can digitally tell you to F off  be brought in to the performance. These integrations are the first of many planned by Facebook, with more details to be announced.

While FB karaoke could be a bigger bust than Cardi B’s, Facebook is also testing an update that will allow music lovers to choose from millions of titles to overlay onto their personal videos. Thanks to a deal struck earlier this year with three major labels, the update is planned to be rolled out globally – but with no set timeframe. They really don’t miss a beat!

Facebook enters the gamer-sphere with Fb.gg
Music isn’t the only space Facebook plans to overtake – with young adult gamers spending over three hours per week watching other people play, it’s no wonder that Facebook wants a cut of that action. Fb.gg (from ‘good game’ – the post-competition courtesy popular amongst gamers) will show videos of popular gamers and streaming celebrities based on their Likes and Follows. Because of Facebook’s activity-based personalised recommendations, YouTube and Twitch could lose the monopoly on gamer audiences to the social network.Fb.gg Facebook Gaming

Facebook Fundraisers to boost nonprofits
Facebook is putting the ‘fun’ back in fundraising with a new Facebook Fundraisers feature. Nonprofits can start fundraisers on their own pages, whilst brands can raise money for nonprofit causes, marrying the processes of promoting a cause and accepting donations. The social network has seen great success in personal fundraising on the platform over the past few years, so let’s hope this feature does just as well!

Facebook Messenger Stories adds new ‘Poll’ feature
After the success of Instagram’s ‘Poll’ feature in Stories, Facebook has decided to adopt the feature, too, allowing people even more avenues to get help on decisions from their peers. Facebook had widely acknowledged that Stories are the future of social sharing, however, their own application of the Stories model has not been as successful as they had hoped. Will you be using the new feature on Facebook? [Yes] [No]

Snapchat sees ad prices drop 
After years of its “ungodly’ ad prices being a repeated barrier to entry for many brands, Snapchat “today has the lowest ad prices for its peers,” which some attribute to the platform’s recent move from a direct-sales ad team to a fully-automated programmatic ad platform. The lower prices, however, can also be attributed to the fact that “its auctions are not as competitive as they are for ad space on Facebook,” which helps prices stay more reasonable for marketers looking to advertise on the platform. This comes as the social network looks to beef up its direct-response advertising and is rolling out Shoppable Snap Ads. Do you buy space in Snapchat? Tell us in the comments below!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Snapchat and DC’s AR challenge
Comic book fans who haven’t managed to get tickets to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con aren’t completely out of luck. Yet. Snapchat and DC Comics have created a challenge where fans can create a DC-themed lens featuring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman for the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the world renowned comic book convention. The contest is open to the US only, so sorry international nerds, this one’s not for you.

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