Instagram competes with YouTube on long-form video
Your favourite time-suck has announced that they’re testing a new ads product: Instagram are finally rolling out ads for IGTV. It’s been speculated that creators have focused their effort for long-form on YouTube because of revenue sharing from ads on the platform, so in an effort to lure them to the ‘Gram, Instagram are meeting YouTube’s model by offering influencers 55% of ad revenue on their videos. 

YouTube allow monetisation on COVID-19 videos
When the world first became aware of coronavirus, YouTube categorised it as a ‘sensitive event’, meaning it couldn’t be monetised. The policy it fell under is one that exists to protect advertisers, so their ads aren’t popping up in the middle of a video about mass shootings, for example. After much  kerfuffle from the creator community, they’ve rolled back the decision, citing that the ban was potentially preventing energy going into helpful, positive content around COVID-19.


It’s interesting to see how platforms are evolving and stretching their content policies. From the sidelines, it’s obvious that this really isn’t a black and white area, but cracking how to make it work is absolutely critical for the health and revenue of major social platforms.

LinkedIn partner with Spotify to soundtrack your career
If you’re looking for some aural inspiration, LinkedIn are here to help. They’ve curated playlists to mark the major milestones around careers, and help you get your head into the game in the workplace. I guess Belinda Carlisle was right when she told us that heaven is a place on earth. 

Reddit launches prominent new ad unit
Reddit continues to be a very big deal. In 2019, they grew their user base by 30% to a whopping 430 million active users monthly (that’s 25% higher than Twitter). They’ve just launched a new ad unit called a ‘Trending Takeover’ that gives you premium real estate on the site for 24 hours. 

Buyer beware though, the community will no doubt be resistant to the presence of huge new ad units, and like any ad in a social space, you need to think community-first. How will your ad offer ROI to your audience? If you’re not sure of the answer, it’s not the time to splash out on Reddit media inventory. 

You’ve received a COVID-19 update from most of the brands you follow this week. Who got it right?
PornHub, honestly one of the best modern brands we know, have offered free premium access to those quarantined in Italy (and now Spain and France), to “help keep you company during these next weeks at home”. They’ve also delivered some stellar data driven storytelling, showing how PornHub traffic has spiked with increased numbers of people at home across the world (expected), and how they’ve seen surges of people searching PornHub itself for terms like ‘coronavirus’ (less expected). 

Subscribers to ethical Aussie loo paper brand Who Gives A Crap were fairly unanimous on celebrating the crisis comms from the brand, in the face of a slightly surreal toilet paper panic. They looked out for their core customers, and they really lived their brand, encouraging the subscribers to be kind and generous in their own communities. 

Tassie’s sexiest festival Dark Mofo announced their cancellation and gave a masterclass in human crisis comms at the same time; Lizzo hosted a live meditation, and it was good as hell (sorry); the UK government used influencers to fight COVID-19 misinformation; Microsoft also launched a slick, if terrifying, COVID-19 tracker; and a number of brands in the US have closed their doors, but advised they’ll be continue to compensate their staff (Everlane, Momofuku), above and beyond legal requirements.

As the virus worsens, there will be continued opportunities for brands to step up and live their people-focused values. I look forward to seeing more brands doing good in their communities.

Ones to watch
Facebook has started testing the option to cross-post Stories to Instagram, instead of just vice-versa; while Instagram is testing an option which will enable users to share Instagram live streams direct to IGTV as soon as the broadcast has ended.

This edition of the Tuesday Tune-Up was prepared by Zoh Dowling.