Tuesday Tune-Up #479

Nick Carolan

Facebook unveils new Business Suite Features
Facebook has added new tools to its Business Suite, the platform’s feature that helps you to manage your company across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Sure to be a welcome addition for social media managers is the new ability to create, publish and schedule Stories, meaning that you no longer have to post live. With time a precious commodity for most business busybodies, Facebook is working to maximise productivity, considering the ways in which the platform can assist growth.

Facebook brings software subscriptions to the Oculus Quest
VR developers are getting another way to rake in the cash, with subscription pricing landing on Facebook’s Oculus Store. Developers will be allowed to add premium subscriptions to paid or free apps, enabling them to monetise content on Facebook’s Oculus Quest Headset. The platform’s recent Quest 2 headset has proved a hit, outselling every other Oculus headset sold to date. With this apparent popularity, subscriptions indicate there are enough Quest users out there to be able to profit from, with a few developers already debuting subscriptions for a number of different app types. It’s early days yet, but with the promise of profit, this move is sure to conjure up interest from developers worldwide.

Facebook eyes the dating game
Facebook’s ‘New Product Experimentation’ team has begun initial testing of its latest project, a video speed dating app called ‘Sparked’ which will enable users to hold 4-minute video chats with potential matches in order to better decide on their suitability before moving forward. Sparked highlights its key features as being “no public profiles, no swiping [and] no DMs” within a dating app that’s free to use.

Reddit reveals audio-only platform, Reddit Talk
The audio-only race continues at pace with Reddit today unveiling their new platform, Reddit Talk. Subreddit moderators can now apply for access to the platform, which Reddit suggests the rooms could be used for “Q&As, AMAs [Ask Me Anything sessions], lectures, sports-radio-style discussions, community feedback sessions” or just hanging out. Talk will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices, with moderators controlling who can speak; listeners will be able to raise their hand should they want to contribute, and interject with emoji as they see fit.

A third of TikTok users take part in Branded Hashtag Challenges – like ours
Avid readers of the Tuesday Tune-Up will no doubt remember the launch of our branded hashtag challenge with Samsung – the #VideoSnapChallenge – from March. It’s now the single largest challenge to date with some 27 billion views, with new research from Mediakix suggesting that the average Branded Hashtag Challenge generates 6.1 billion views. Over a third of TikTok users take part in these kinds of challenges, with sponsored challenges, contests, and Hashtag Challenge Plus being the most popular formats.

TikTok funds public health series ‘VIRAL’
With #LearnOnTikTok becoming a major marketing point for the platform, TikTok is taking another step toward getting people clued up on all things public health, by financially backing the production of media publisher NowThis’s new series, ‘VIRAL.’ ‘VIRAL’ will feature interviews with public health experts and a live Q&A session focused on answering questions about the pandemic. The partnership marks TikTok’s first-ever funding of an episodic series from a publisher, with each episode being hosted by infectious disease clinical researcher Laurel Bristow. The series began airing last week and will run through to May 13th, giving you ample time to get the low down on all things COVID-19. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 3.18.11 PM

How social media has framed the pandemic
Whether it’s the photo dump or an increase in activist content, 2020 transformed our social behaviours, as well as our lives. Our Global Head of Cultural Insights, Lore Oxford, spoke to The Guardian about these changes, explaining, “We didn’t see people post less, we saw people change what they were posting about. And sometimes that was posting about their darker days.” Continues Oxford, “Let’s not feel pressured to be baking bread, some of us are barely holding it together.” You can read the full article here.

Pinterest launches Creator Code to create compassion
Pinterest has launched a new Creator Code, a mandatory set of guidelines that lives within the platform intended to educate and build community around inclusive and compassionate content. The Code is part of Pinterest’s ongoing commitment to introduce tools like compassionate search and health misinformation policies with a view to building a more positive internet. Additional updates to promote a safer and more inclusive environment on the platform include new Comment Moderation tools, as well as its first-ever Creator Fund.

Ones to watch
Instagram has now officially confirmed the launch of a new global test that will enable users to choose whether they display post Like counts or not within the app; TikTok is planning to launch a range of new eCommerce focused ad offerings as it seeks to maximize its revenue potential; and Apple will reinstate Parler on its App Store following its multi-month ban.

The Tuesday Tune-Up features additional reporting by Hannah Currey.