We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune Up


Instagram explains its shift to video
Following Kylie Jenner’s post that declared ‘Make Instagram Instagram again’, plenty of discussion was ignited about the platform’s move to video content. So much so that Instagram Chief, Adam Mosseri, took to Twitter to break down the new updates in order to reassure the app’s community. However, the platform has reversed its decision on the roll out of a few new features, including the full screen home feed, which had been tested with a few select users in-app. Instagram’s move towards video shows no signs of slowing down, with Mosseri sticking by the platform’s decisions to prioritise this content going forward.

YouTube lets creators turn their own videos into Shorts
From long to Short(s). YouTube is rolling out a new creator tool that turns existing YouTube videos into Shorts. Available on the platform’s mobile app, a creator can select a section of any video that they’ve previously uploaded, and then publish that segment as YouTube Shorts content. The hope is that more users will create Shorts, the app’s TikTok equivalent, as creating short-form content could draw more attention to their long-form videos.

Facebook and Instagram to show more posts from alternative accounts
Your Facebook and Instagram feeds are no longer dedicated to content from people you follow. Instead the platforms are now going to show you even more snaps and videos from recommended accounts, which you aren’t following. Currently, about 15 percent of the content you see is from recommended accounts, with this figure set to double by the end of 2023. By using AI, users should be receiving videos and images that appeal to their interests, something that proves popular on TikTok.

Snap launches a new Sounds Creator Fund
Snapchat is lending its support to independent artists who are distributing music on the platform via DistroKid. The company is coughing up payments for up to 20 songs per month, at $5,000 per song. The platform has a pretty healthy budget, expecting to award up to $100,000 in grants each month. However, the programme is currently only for US users and you must be over the age of 16 to get involved. Creators who are selected will also receive creative support, Snap says, as popular songs will have the opportunity to be included in the app’s Sounds product, in a Snapchat Lens or in Spotlight.

Twitter is increasing the price of its subscription service
It’s time to dig deep. Twitter has announced that its subscription service, Twitter Blue, will jump from $2.99 to $4.99. So what are people paying for? Twitter Blue users can undo tweets, customise their navigation bar, and gain ad-free access to articles. Twitter has defended the price hike, saying that it will help them to continue building requested features, whilst also improving upon the current ones that ‘you already love’.

Instagram is surveying US users about race
Instagram is making steps to ensure that it is a fair and equal place for all its users. The platform is prompting a random group of people in the US to participate in an optional survey about their race and ethnicity. The survey, which is hosted by YouGov, will help the app determine whether its technology is having a negative or biased impact on certain groups. The survey is optional and won’t be linked back to an individual’s account. 

Ones to watch
Twitter is testing a status feature.