We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune Up


TikTok launches creator feature, Profile Kit
TikTok’s heading off-platform. Users will soon have a way of highlighting their videos and TikTok presence on other social channels. As part of the TikTok for developers program, a new feature called Profile Kit lets users showcase up to six TikTok videos on other platforms. This will be done through an integration with Linktree; TikTokers can add the videos they want to appear on Linktree, acting almost like a creator CV for those who view it.

Twitter is working on mentions controls
Don’t @ me. Twitter is working on a new tool that will allow users to control who can mention them. This will have a big impact on the user experience on the platform, giving users more agency over who they interact with. Hopefully, the tool will reduce harassment and bullying on the platform, as users will be able to limit their mentions to just the people that follow them. That means that random troll in Ohio won’t be able to drag you into their nasty drama on the daily.

Legs are coming to avatars on Meta’s Horizon virtual worlds
And now for a feature that’s got legs (sorry, not sorry), avatars in Meta’s Horizon virtual worlds will finally have actual legs. Currently, avatars hover above the ground, with nothing below the torso to connect them to the ground. According to Mr. Meta, Zuckerberg himself, legs are one of the most requested features from users, but developing them isn’t as simple as some may think. The company’s systems will now try to guess the position of users’ legs and feet using a number of inputs, from direct visual tracking using front-facing cameras to more advanced attempts to predict their movement with just the motion of the head and hands.

Twitter launches Link Spotlight
There’s good news for businesses on Twitter as the platform is adding a new feature that drives potential customers to content on professional accounts. Link Spotlight lets professional account users add an interactive button to their profiles that link to a specific URL. You can direct users to visit your website, listen to your podcast, make a reservation, and more. This feature is currently only available to US users, but it’s likely that if successful, we’ll see this tool roll out to professionals on a greater scale.

Ones to watch
Instagram is expanding AI-powered age verification to India and Brazil.