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Global Pride Crossing case study

The Brief

Pride Month – a celebration of equality, dignity, increased visibility and self-affirmation – had lost its biggest stage and moment of the year due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. With hundreds of physical Pride events forced to cancel, millions of LGBTI+ people lost a key opportunity to come together and celebrate who they are and what they stand for. We had two key objectives: re-engage the community and generate earned media to further the LGBTQI+ movement, all with the challenge of $0 media spend.


We tapped into a medium where an existing subcommunity was congregating: ‘Gaymers’. This group of users had been fighting for more representation in the gaming landscape and were already utilising these platforms as safe spaces for interaction and self-expression; and as early as March 2020, their top subject was an emerging phenomenon: Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH), earning over 20,000 LGBTQI+ conversations.


A social activation free from the barriers of the outside world and a place where self-expression is integrated by design. We carved out space for gaymers to freely gather, be themselves and celebrate loud and proud.

The activation was built around a Pride-themed in-game island, which brought signature Pride activities online: a rainbow brick road, a Queer Hall of Fame, a Pride-themed clothing collection, and so much more. We also teamed up with influencers and invited global LGBTI+ communities to join in and express their identity. That’s how we turned a collective sigh into an all-time high.


Generating awareness

The hashtag #GlobalPrideCrossing garnered over 25 million impressions within a short span of two weeks.

Engaging the community

Our gaming creators drove over 1 million minutes watched across Twitch, Facebook and YouTube. This is the equivalent of over 24 months of non-stop Pride celebration packed into less than two weeks.


Close to 90 pieces of news coverage and 3.85 million coverage views, including features on Forbes, BBC, PinkNews and Hypebeast.


Forbes, 18 Jun 2020

LGBT+ Pride Comes To Animal Crossing: Get Pride T-shirts, Flags And Furniture On Your Island

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Hypebeast, 18 Jun 2020

Global Pride Brings Event to ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

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