Why we’re focusing on the future with our .XYZ innovation offering


As you may have read in Campaign Asia, last week we re-launched our innovation arm, .XYZ. In this blog, our CEO for Southeast Asia and new lead of .XYZ, Christina Chong, explains why future technology is a key area of focus for We Are Social. 

The world is being reshaped by rapid advancements in AI, blockchain, extended reality technology and more. In the two years since we initially launched .XYZ, the pace of technological progress has been unprecedented. We knew it was time for a greater focus on the vast opportunities that technology brings, which is why we’ve now decided to relaunch .XYZ with a new team and broader scope. 

The future is exciting and unpredictable and, for brands, this uncertainty can be intimidating. That’s where .XYZ comes in – I’ll be leading a refreshed and talented team of 30 creatives, strategists and creative technologists from across our global markets, who will be able to help our clients from all over the world make the most of the latest advancements. .XYZ’s expertise is across the spectrum of spatial, phygital, cognitive and distributed technologies, and we will not only be keeping our clients ahead of the game, but our entire team of 1300 people in 19 offices too. 

Innovation is something that lies at the heart of much of the work we’ve been doing in our Singapore team in recent years, and I’m proud to say that we’ve had great success in harnessing the latest cutting edge technologies. From virtual influencer creation and specialist production capabilities, to AI product offerings, and XR (extended reality) products – we’ve been busy helping brands get ahead of the game. Within .XYZ, our immediate focus will be on developing the .XYZ offering in three key areas: future strategy, creative innovation and virtual production; this is where we see the most opportunity and benefit for our clients.

I hope that working alongside .XYZ will help our clients feel confident in exploring future focused technologies – the benefits of being an early mover, if managed in a strategic and considered way, can be huge. I’m confident that we’ll be able to help even more of the world’s most forward-thinking brands navigate the intersection of creativity and technology. The future is here – and your brand needs to be ready. 

Explore .XYZ here.