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Samsung #VideoSnapChallenge case study

The Brief

The 8K Video Snap camera feature on the Galaxy S21 gives users the ability to record 8K video and capture stills, all at the same time.

Samsung wanted to introduce this new feature new generation of creators, creative Gen Z and young Millennials who are highly active on social and rely on their devices to express themselves.


Gen Z and young Millennials don’t just have one authentic self, they have many. We wanted to inspire them to share the many versions of themselves.


We brought the power of 8K Video Snap to TikTok, with #VideoSnapChallenge, a hashtag challenge that allows users to capture three different versions of themself, all while the camera keeps rolling.

Working with TikTok, we designed a custom filter that dramatised the 8K Video Snap feature, and partnered with record label 88Rising to create the perfect original track for the experience.

We engaged Samsung’s global network of influencers. Over 100 creators from 15countries got on board, with some of TikTok’s biggest creators sharing the filter with their fans.


Most successful challenge ever

With over 33 billion views, #VideoSnapChallenge is the most popular hashtag challenge ever. That’s more views than the 5 most viewed videos ever on YouTube, combined.

Smashing all KPIs

The campaign delivered over 3 billion engagements, 7.5 million UGC submissions, and hugely positive sentiment.

A powerful tool for creators

The campaign successfully introduced 8k Video Snap to a global audience of Gen Z and young Millennials, raising awareness of the Galaxy S21’s unique creative feature.

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