Bienvenue sur We Are Social


We’ve been pretty busy at We Are Social this week (as we are normally!) – yesterday, Robin announced the launch of our English website and here I am today to tell you all about the French version.

When it comes to Social Media, France is such an important market that it made sense to have a website and blog to engage with French brands and online influencers alike. The French market is actually pretty specific when it comes to Social Media on the basis that blogs are predominant within the social media landscape (France is ranked first in the world when it comes to the number of blogs per internet user). Social networking and micro blogging however are not yet as big as in the UK, but they’re growing rapidly – for example take a look at Facebook stats: in December 08, there are circa 6 million of French people on Facebook versus 2.5 million back in July 08.

And luckily we now have quite a few of those French social networking people in the team to be able to carry out campaigns in France: meet Violette, Camille, François and myself as the French “Chef d’Orchestre”.

By the way, I’ll be in Paris next week at LeWeb’08 so if you’re around and want to catch up, let me know!