Beyond Conversations


Last Wednesday in Stockholm I spoke at the third Disruptive Media conference.

My talk is a (hopefully) reasonably glued-together set of my own thoughts about the challenges faced by people in large organisations who feel they should be doing good stuff on the web. In fact, a lot of what I talk about – the need to ‘empower’ individuals to ‘communicate’, the need to rethink approaches to customer interaction and, above all, the need to put customer happiness (rather than maintenance of organisational status quo) first – can be applied to all aspects of outward-facing organisational behaviour. And, come to think of it, internal behaviour too – just replace ‘customer’ with ‘employee’. In the words of Budd, ‘how do we stop doing dumb things to customers and people’?

While I share Jan Chipchase’s views on conference videos, in the spirit of openness I’ve embedded the recording of my talk below.

For some more audience context, it’s worth taking a look at the Jaiku backchannel, which ran throughout the event — it’s mostly in Swedish, but with a bit of help from Google it should be mostly intelligible to non-speakers.

I also spoke on a panel to conclude the day alongside Brit Stakson of JMW, Anna Eriksson of Keybroker and Paul Walker of Cohne & Wolfe, discussing the future of media at large.

Peter Parkes on Disruptive Media panel

All in all a fantastic day – so thanks to Annika for the kind invitation to speak, and to the other presenters and attendees for their questions, feedback and ideas.