gofindit.net Shoreditch street art tour


We’ve been working with Ford for the past few months now on the This is Now campaign to launch the Fiesta across Europe and we’ve recently started working on the campaign for the launch of their new Ford KA.

The campaign’s called “Find It” and it’s all about encouraging people to look beyond the obvious, to find and explore hidden discoveries. As part of the campaign, they created this video about the street art scene in Shoreditch:

We thought that a perfect way to get people both looking beyond the obvious and talking about the camapign, would be to take some bloggers on a street art tour of Shoreditch.

So that’s what we did on Saturday. We took along about 20 people, bloggers and their friends, to discover the best graffiti classics from the likes of Banksy, Eine, Obey, Invader, D*Face as well as work from street artists like Jim Cereal, L.E.T., Mike Marcus, TEK13, Sam3, Patr2ism and David Gouby. Here’s a little video of the day:

Also see write-ups from Michael, Lolly, Chris, Mehrdad, Gerel, Cédric and Martin or photos from Lolly, Mehrdad, Chris, Cédric, Violette and Robin.

Thanks again to all the bloggers who took part in this event: Cédric, Chris, Fubiz, Martin, Gerel, Lolly, Mario, Mehrdad, Chris and Vandalog. And a special thank you to Michael ‘RJ’ Rushmore from Vandalog for sharing with us his knowledge of street art and to Cédric for sharing his knowledge about Space Invaders with us.

And if you’re wondering what those 3D KAs are that appear in the video, head over to gofindit.net and download the app yourself.