The Great British Sandwich


Hello everyone – Chris here with my debut post for We Are Social. And as I’m writing it at lunchtime it seems appropriate to talk about The Great British Sandwich – a collaborative project open to anyone to submit what they think should represents the UK in sandwich form. The site only went live yesterday morning but has already constructed a sandwich with over 1,000 layers, taller than a double-decker bus.

Great British Sandwich screenshot

The site is not only lovely in its simple design but by allowing anything and everything, edible or not, into the mix. Through it you can see some definite online humour creeping through Ninjas are currently beating Pirates, but Bacon is the clear winner. It’s not perfect – the censoring is a little overzealous, as Jaz Cummins found out when adding great British icon Jarvis Cocker – but it’s still really good fun. It’d be great to have some API access or tag clouds to find out which words or colours feature the most.

The Great British Sandwich is a product of the mind of our friend Utku Can. If you like it, you can follow the latest over on @gbsandwich on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.