MeasurementCamp thoughts


Earlier today, I popped along to MeasurementCamp (MMC) for a meeting with some of London’s top social media brains. This was my third or fourth MMC and it was good to see the progress made in the past year – there is a growing sense of what we’re capable of measuring, and now the focus has turned to how to structure that most effectively. Here are some of my thoughts springing from the discussion – all things we at We Are Social do and have in mind already, but MeasurementCamp was very good at crystallising them into a best practice-friendly format:

Further to the last one, there were some good ideas from the group, the idea that we shouldn’t be afraid to resort to the forms of measurement that the traditional advertising and marketing industries use, such as surveys or phone polls. These of course come with their own flaws but they still have many practical uses. And as with all these things, numbers can never tell the whole story, but they’re a good start in getting there.