Social media inside the enterprise


When Nathan and I started We Are Social back in June, we were keen to get things right from the start, in terms of agency structure, processes and our own use of social media tools within the business. In fact, we’ve been using a wiki as the backbone of the business since before we came up with a name or incorporated as a limited company.

However, as the company grows, we’re discovering it’s not all plain sailing, with the wiki proving more useful in some areas than others, and with varied usage rates amongst different individuals, despite my clarion call to RTFW and to PIOTFW.

It seems we’re not alone:

McKinsey has studied more than 50 early adopters to garner insights into successful efforts to use Web 2.0 as a way of unlocking participation. We have surveyed, independently, a range of executives on Web 2.0 adoption. Our work suggests the challenges that lie ahead. To date, as many survey respondents are dissatisfied with their use of Web 2.0 technologies as are satisfied.

They go on to list six critical factors that ‘determine the outcome of efforts to implement these technologies’ – if you’re struggling with these sort of issues yourself, it’s well worth a read