Girly geek shopping – live!


Today I’m taking part in a live girly geek event organised by Eurostar. They’ve invited 80 French and Belgian girls over to London to shop till they drop, and then they’ll be meeting up with 40 girls from London (including me) for tea time refreshment at the Berkeley hotel. The idea, of course, is to get the message out to French and Belgian girls (and boys) in general about how quick and easy it is to pop over to London by Eurostar for a cheap shopping trip, now the pound/euro exchange rate is, shall we say, more in their favour.

All of the girls are tweeting, flickring and geolocating their experiences in real time, and you can follow the action live via a rather nice Google Maps/Twitter/Flickr mash-up they’ve created especially for the day:

Girly geek shopping - live!

Eurostar of course is no stranger to social media – in fact, Robin created the Voice of a City blog for them back in 2005, where you can follow the exploits of 10 Parisians as they live their lives (check out the Eating and Drinking or Shopping categories for a bit of inspiration) – the insight being that you have a better time in a foreign city when you’ve got friends to show you around.

Anyway – I’m looking forward to meeting everyone later and having a proper English afternoon tea!