Our new recruits


A few weeks ago Chris introduced you to our fancy new headquarters, but today’s blog post is all about people!

We have a team of five-star account executives that you probably all discovered through our Flickr photostream already but I thought today was a good time as any to introduce them properly.

We Are Social: Nicolas Melina and Bertrand

Ladies first… Melina just joined us last week from Sweden where she studies communications for new media at the Medieinstitutet in Stockholm. Melina previously worked in a PR-agency in Sweden and likes to study social psychology as a hobby. Melina would have loved to be a tattoo-artist but admits she can’t draw so she’ll happily stick to social media. As she loves England, it’s a good thing she’s working for us here in London!

Nicolas and Bertrand actually joined us in February but we were not sure you were ready for them yet. Obviously this day has come and you can now face the full Nicolas-Bertrand effect.

Nicolas has a BA from Paris-Dauphine University and is studying for his master in Management at Audencia Business School. Nicolas has an international background: he lived in Poland, France and in London and takes part in many students associations. He has been working with Peter on Skype.

Bertrand previously worked in an online marketing agency in Paris. Bertrand is passionate about music and shares his musical discoveries on his blog Sunday Mornings. If you want to listen to some brand new sounds, it’s the place to go! He has travelled a lot and worked throughout Europe including Iceland so he knows all about local delicacies like Kókómjólk. Bertrand has been working with me on Ford – This is Now.

So one final word. Despite what you could think of the picture Barack Obama is NOT our new account executive. Nicolas, Melina and Betrand are not convicts and they do not play in a film selected at Sundance 09 either.

Welcome to We Are Social!