We're in the charts


Advertising Age, the 79 year-old journal of record for the US advertising industry, is perhaps not the institution you’d expect to be running the undisputed chart of the world’s top advertising and marketing blogs.

Called the Ad Age Power 150, it actually consists of over 1000 blogs, with a robust methodology and rather strict entry criteria. One of the criteria is that your blog has been running for over six months, so although its seems longer since we first posted here, we only became eligible last month – but we’re pleased to say that when we did, we went straight into the top 150.

The observant among you will have spotted the orange crest that appeared a few weeks ago underneath our Flickr stream over there on the right, where you can see our position in the charts updated daily.

We’re also very proud that we’ve also entered the list of the UK’s top marketing blogs, which is based on Ad Age’s data, at no. 11.

In both instances, we’re delighted to be in such great company…

Update: We’ve also entered the Ad Age Power 150 European top 100 blog ranking in 19th place, and the Plannersphere Top 20 in 5th place.