The Twitgigs Experiment


The Twitter population has increased so fast and so massively these last few months that it is going to be harder and harder to organise Twitter meet-ups that bring together a representative cross section of this huge community. It is now time to understand the Twitter population as a network of micro-communities. That’s why, when Rax and Nisha came up with the idea of the Twitgigs Experiment, we thought it was a brilliant initiative.

It’s still a Twitter meet-up, but it’s aimed specifically at people who are interested in music (including the bands themselves who were recruited via Twitter). During the event people were able to share their comments about the music and to vote for their favourite band using Twitter. Tweets were featured on a screen which generated interactions inside and outside of the event and the lucky winner – Essay Like Nephew – was decided on by Twitter voting at the end of the event. It’s a nice human way to share cultural discoveries, such as music, with a wider audience but it is also a clever strategy to link people inside of a community itself.

If you missed the event yourself, here’s a nice overview:

Well done Rax and Nisha, we are looking forward to attend the next Twitgigs! If so you are, don’t forget to follow them on Twitter.