We Are Social at Interesting 2009


Bubblino at Interesting 2009
Bubblino by Roo Reynolds

This Saturday, I joined many of London’s smartest geeks and creators and took a break from the Internet to attend the third annual Interesting 2009, convened by the tireless Russell Davies. While there was plenty of backchat on Twitter and photos on Flickr, it was also refreshingly un-digital in many respects – seeing what happens when the digerati apply the same enthusiasm, creativity, curiosity and gregariousness in their day jobs as elsewhere. Topics abounded: live biohacking of yoghurt, the colour violet, how to conduct a symphony orchestra, nuclear weapons in Indian mythology, photographing bullets at the top of their trajectory, ponies, why we say “cheers” and how to win at Monopoly – the best of the action is summed up by Roo Reynolds.

That’s it. No real deeper message about social media or the power of the web in bringing people together, but just a testament to the variety of hobbies, interests and obsessions that drive some of the people behind what’s so great about the social web today. I’ll leave you with this video for the new astrotags site for sharing astronomical photos: