Eurostar and social media, one week on


Mentions of Eurostar on Twitter 19th-26th December 2009

So it’s been a week since we woke up to the news of the Eurostar incident (for those coming to this fresh, read our original post here). Our role continues to be the subject of speculation, so I thought it worth updating you on what we’ve been doing.

Since last Saturday, we’ve continued to advise Eurostar customers on the situation using Facebook and Twitter, updating the list of frequently asked questions and answers many times as the situation changed and new questions emerged in social media. We also recorded this video Q&A with Nick Mercer, Eurostar’s Commercial Director, which went live on Monday afternoon:

It’s been a hectic week, and from Sky News feeding all of our Twitter updates live onto, P&O Ferries use of #Eurostar on Twitter to Sky News also covering the social media story (watch from 1m:05s), we’ve all learnt a lot.

Most importantly, we seemed to make a difference to some of the travellers who were using Twitter and Facebook to get updates on the situation.

And we appreciate Emma Harris’ transparency with the press when talking about We Are Social’s role:

[Eurostar’s Sales and Marketing Director] praised We Are Social, which went outside its brief to provide updates on Twitter and Facebook from late Saturday morning and film a video message from the chief executive, for “completely supporting” us.

She also acknowledged that the agency “said from day one this needs to be wider than just a commercial thing”.