We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #5


The Big Money Facebook 50
If you like lists then head over to this slide show on The Big Money, which is running down the top 50 brands that are currently making the best use of Facebook. Various metrics – including fan numbers, page growth, frequency of updates, creativity as determined by a panel of judges, and fan engagement – were factored into each page’s score and ultimate rank on the list. Each entry provides an approximate number of fans (as of 15 November) and a snapshot of some key features / activities.

The Yin And Yang Of Marketing And Innovation
An interesting post from Neil Perkin on the interdependent and interconnected nature of marketing and innovation:

I think the really interesting thing that’s happening right now is how the emerging participative culture pushes both marketing and innovation out towards the customer at the same time.

The result? Greater customer involvement in product development, as evidenced in Harper Collins crowdsourcing new stories and writers, vitaminwater (client) and Walkers crisps sourcing new flavours, Marmite (client) asking consumers to create an extra-strong variant of the brand, and GM launching The Lab. And then of course, there’s the the Rally Fighter:

Canadians Have Aggressively Embraced Social Technologies – And So Have Canadian Marketers
Its not often you see the word ‘Canadian’ and ‘aggressive’ in the same sentence, but here we are.  Forrester last week released Canadian Social Technographic profiles, and added the data to the free Social Technographics Profile Tool. Some key findings:

Not bad eh?

Search and Social: Playing Nicely Together
This post explores the interplay between search and socialmedia, based on keynote presentations given by Chris Copeland of Group M and Graham Mudd of comScore at the Search Insider Summit.

The basic gist is that they saw significant lifts in search query volume and click-rate when consumers were exposed to both search and social media vs. search alone … this demonstrates the impact social media can have on influencing the consideration phase of the purchase funnel.

The full research is available here.

A Very Special TweetDeck Delivery
TweetDeck last week announced its latest version with some shiny new features:

Loser-generated content
The object of Charlie Brooker’s ire in this week’s Screen Burn is crowsourced advertising:

Hail the rise of “loser-generated content”; commercials assembled from footage shot by members of the public coaxed into participating with the promise of TV glory. The advantages to the advertiser are obvious: it saves cash and makes your advert feel like part of some warm, communal celebration rather than the 30-second helping of underlit YouTube dog piss it is.

Oxo, the X Factor and T-Mobile all take it on the chin. Read on.

Groom updates Facebook, Twitter at the altar
A sign of the times? Perhaps. But it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Or is it?