London really is the capital of Twitter


After their initial report in June, Sysomos have taken a fresh look at the Twitter population breaking things down by country and also by city.

The US is still the country with the largest amount of users, however the influence of Americans has waned, with only 50.88% of the Twitter population vs. 62.14% in June. The UK is still on the podium, but only in third. Brazil is now the second biggest country with 8.79% of total users whereas the UK represents 7.20% of accounts.

London can be proud that it’s the capital of Twitter, with 2.08% of users, almost 25% bigger than its nearest rival, Los Angeles (perhaps due to the birth of Twestival here, which by the way has just opened registrations for their next event). However, our friends over the pond in New York are still more active than us with 2.37% of tweets coming from NY vs. 2.12% from London.

Looking deeper into the figures, there is something fascinating: the slow ascension on the platform of countries such as Brazil, India and China, three of the four BRICs. I think it’s worth keeping an eye on this – I would be curious to read a future survey comparing the economy of these countries with their presence on the international social media scene.

Update: Sysomos have released an extended list of the top countries and cities on Twitter.