Bloggers at London Fashion Week


London Fashion Week has now come to an end and as the fashion elite jet off to Milan and Paris for their fashion weeks, perhaps it’s worth reflecting on what we’ve learnt.

The fact that these days it’s not just mainstream media who are being given the opportunity to attend has caused quite a stir this fashion week. You may have seen the articles in the Times and on Brand Republic, referring to bloggers as ‘liggers with laptops’, going to any means to get front row seats.

The Times article states “last February, 22 per cent of the total press accreditations granted by the British Fashion Council to LFW were given to bloggers. This year, the number has increased to 33 per cent”.

As you can see from some of the great posts about London Fashion Week from bloggers like The Style PA and Coco’s Teaparty, to label them all this way is patently untrue.

But we did see some of this when we took several fashion bloggers along to London Fashion Week, on behalf of glaceau vitaminwater, and we experienced first hand the ‘scrum’ to get in to a number of the shows.

The fashion blogging community is growing and evolving everyday and as with any industry there will always be new kids on the block. So it is important for brands involving themselves in London Fashion Week to be prepared and not be ‘blagged’.

They should look to talk to bloggers that not only have reach and influence, but also who are relevant to their brand. We help our clients do this with a well defined methodology and proprietary tools to measure influence and reach.

As the market evolves, brands are going to need to become as professional in their approach to bloggers as bloggers have already become in their coverage of fashion.