Ciao Italia, we are social


We Are Social Italy
Ottavio Nava, Stefano Maggi, Gabriele Cucinella – Managing Partners, We Are Social Italy

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed the Italian flag that’s appeared today at the top right hand side of our site. This time, unlike the German flag, it signifies more than just a translated version of our website.

About six months ago we were lucky enough to be approached by three charming Italian gentlemen – Stefano Maggi (@stefanomaggi), Gabriele Cucinella (@gabcuc) and Ottavio Nava (@ottavionava) – who were working at in Milan, where Stefano was head of Experience Planning and Gabriele and Ottavio led their social media efforts. They liked what we were doing with We Are Social in the UK, and wanted to know if we had any plans in Italy. In depth discussions ensued which revealed, amongst other things, that:

  1. we shared a common view of how brands can and should be using social media
  2. they shared our love for beer
  3. Milan is only a short distance from the alps, and they were keen snowboarders too

Well, what can we say other than one thing led to another. So, in less than two years after launching in the UK, and less than three months after launching We Are Social France, Nathan, Sandrine and I are very happy to announce the launch of We Are Social Italy with our third European office in Milan.

It goes without saying that with offices in London, Paris and now Milan, we now have a hugely increased capacity for international campaigns and the ability to advise our clients on their strategy across Europe. And just as importantly, we’re absolutely chuffed to have Stefano, Gabriele and Ottavio on board. With their help and input, it feels like we’re poised to take We Are Social to the next level.

You can see Ottavio, Stefano and Gabriele and in the photo above (I deliberately picked the cheesiest photo they sent over, which I’m sure they’ll be thanking me for shortly) and you can say ‘ciao’ to them yourselves over on their inaugural post on the We Are Social Italy blog or on the We Are Social Italy Twitter account.