52 burrito dates


At this year’s London Twestival I won a year’s supply of burritos from Chilango Mexican Kitchen, who had donated the prize in the aid of Concern. It being a Twitter festival, people found out that I had won the prize pretty quickly and some began requesting burritos. Realising that eating all of the 365 meals myself would be both challenging and lonely, I decided, generously, to share the prize.

So, I’ve started a new blog with a simple objective, to tell the story of my first year in London, as a young, single Irish guy and my experience of taking 52 girls on 52 burrito dates, relying solely on social media to get the word out.

It’s surprising how many good looking, single and/or hungry girls there are out there. Since announcing the start of my odyssey to the world three weeks ago, I’ve been deluged with entertaining Tweets, Facebook messages and emails requesting burrito dates, some from as far away as China (hi Holly!).

I’m not sure what the three dates so far imply for the year ahead. The first brought a friend along for protection, on the second I was stood up by a girl I went on to accidentally call a prostitute, and on the third I found myself chasing my date around the streets of north London. The burritos have been consistently good at least.

So if you’d like to be seduced by the combined charms of the Emerald Isle and jalapeños, or know a girl who would, you know where to find me.