Orange wins festival fans with GlastoTag


Orange GlastoTag

On Monday I got back from a week volunteering (and partying) hard at Glastonbury festival for Oxfam. When I arrived on the first day and received my shift times I was truly gutted to hear that I’d be working through the England Vs Slovenia game.

However, my disappointment didn’t last because, in a stroke of luck, I was posted to work on the edge of the Pyramid stage – right where the game was due to be shown!

Along with my fellow volunteers, and Chris from We Are Social that I coincidentally bumped into, I watched the game from my post whilst continuing to carry out my duties.

At half time a guy with a photographer came out on stage and explained that Orange were going to take a photograph of us all to try and make it the most tagged picture on Facebook. There was a murmur of ooh’s and we thought it sounded like a pretty cool and nice way for a brand to interact with festival goers, gaining new Facebook fans in the process.

So they took the picture and everyone got back to the game and kind of forgot about it. Since coming back to find the GlastoTag page I’ve found and tagged myself (despite being partially obscured by an over sized novelty St. Georges wig), shared it on my Facebook profile and liked their page. There’s currently almost 3,000 tags on the photograph and over 4,000 Facebook likes of the page. With over 180,000 people at Glastonbury, and a reported 70,000 people in this image, I expect this will only increase further.

What stands out from this idea is that you can filter the tags to show just your tagged Facebook friends and I (kind of) feel a small sense of pride that I’m involved. It’s cool to check out all the various tags, especially those of the friends I didn’t know were at Glasto, and this will no doubt stimulate conversation amoungst us on Facebook as well as when I next see them in the pub.

Along with the GlastoNav App, Chill ‘n’ Charge tent and the Glasto Blog, I think that GlastoTag is a great addition to Orange’s already brilliant Glastonbury Festival presence. Well played to everyone involved.

Disclosure: Orange is a We Are Social client, although we weren’t involved in this project. Apart from some of us being in the photo, of course…