The writing on social media's BRIC wall


Following on from yesterday’s post highlighting the growth of social media in one of the worlds most mature markets, the US (Social media usage up 43% in the US), I thought it worth illustrating the potential for growth elsewhere in the world.

As you can see from the graph below, the US is second to China amongst a long list of countries with large internet populations, 8 of which have over 50m internet users:

Top 20 countries on the Internet

As Royal Pingdom points out:

However, when you overlay each of the countries’ total population size, it becomes clear where there is potential for massive growth:

Internet users versus population for the top 20 countries on the Internet

And when you overlay social media usage on top of these two datasets, a very interesting picture emerges, with the BRIC countries of China, India, Brazil and Russia, along with others like Mexico, already massively ahead of mature markets like the US and the UK in terms of their internet population’s use of social media, with plenty of room for growth:

The social internet
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Which paints a pretty convincing picture, for me at least, that points south and east to the future of social media…