Blood, sweat and tears


Jim Coleman joined us as We Are Social’s Client Services Director back at the end of August. He comes to us with 9 years of working in digital across every sector and at both national and international levels – from MasterCard and Microsoft through to Innocent and Sky – and brings a wealth of knowledge about digital, social and how to make sure we’re keeping our clients happy. We’ve been hassling him to introduce himself ever since he joined – of course, he would argue he’s been too busy working…

It’s always good to start the year on a high and having now been with We Are Social for just over four months, that’s exactly how I’m feeling. Over this time I’ve literally been through the proverbial blood, sweat and tears – but in a good way. Losing teeth from a bike accident two weeks into the job wasn’t ideal but it made for a memorable introduction and as anyone in client services will tell you it’s great to have a story. The sweat comes from the office move we did at the beginning of November to our great new offices in Clerkenwell, and the tears are tears of joy at winning an award on average every two weeks. Ok, so maybe not quite tears but it helps complete the analogy :-).

I’ve been blown away by the quality of the work since I’ve been here as well as by the type of briefs that are coming through the door. Briefs that reaffirm the shift in marketer’s confidence in ‘social’ and the pivotal role it plays for brands. We’ve got some great clients – clients who are being bold and sophisticated about how to use and challenge us, and who have the enthusiasm we do to drive their business into becoming, inside and out, truly networked enterprises.

So here’s to 2011. On a personal and professional level I couldn’t ask to work with a better team, people with real talent, and one that’s growing (if you’re interested in being part of it, don’t be shy).

And with the table tennis table up and running let the games commence…