We Are Social's Monday Mashup #63


Facebook is the largest social network in 15 of 18 European markets
Despite the other players in the market – particularly in Eastern Europe – comScore’s latest research has pretty unequivocal findings: Facebook the largest player in all European countries, other than the Netherlands, Poland, and Russia.

Facebook = ‘Winning!’
Guess whose banner advertising revenues topped Yahoo’s this week? Any ideas?

Yup, Facebook… Over one in five US dollars generated in display advertising revenues will be landing squarely in Facebook’s pockets, the result of an 80.9% increase in display advertising revenues for the company.

Facebook release updated comments plugin
You’ve probably noticed that your Facebook comment box has migrated from your Facebook page and has started appearing at the foot of all sorts of pages that you view online.

This is Facebook’s comments plugin, which received a major update this week. Facebook’s Jillian Carroll has explained some of the thinking behind the update in an interesting Q&A.

Google update their Google profiles service
Whether or not you care to admit it, at some point or another we’ve all Googled ourselves. This used to be regarded as a shameful activity; something rarely admitted and often mocked. But, these days it’s seems fairly commonplace. Aware of this, Google have enhanced their Google profiles service so that now you can be in more control of the information that your ‘Google stalkers’ will receive. Google have said that they’ll continue to work on ways to include Google business profiles in the service.

Brands make the most of social image sharing service, Instagram
Instagram notched up 100,000 registrations in its first week, by week 10 it had over a million users and at present it sits atop a comfortable user base of over two million. It’s no surprise then, given all of this activity, that brands are now clamouring to make the most of this phenomenon.

Charity: Water has asked its supporters to spread awareness of their campaign by tagging images with the hashtag; #charitywater and NPR are asking users to capture photos that encapsulate either #love or #hate.

Brisk Iced Tea have asked users to tag their pictures with #briskpic, thereby entering a competition to be featured on the Brisk Iced Tea can.

Red Bull have also got stuck in with their #redbullwinter contest, asking users to upload images from around the world according to different competition specific guidelines, last weeks being ‘rural’. They also run a ‘daily awesome’ competition and are active in seeking out, commenting and ‘liking’ other user’s uploaded images.

“There’s a new sheriff in town…”
If you’re not up to date with Charlie Sheen’s antics then you’re missing out on some serious win.

Sheen is on the media warpath, and that includes, apparently, social media as well. He amassed 100,000 followers without even tweeting, and went onto break the world record for ‘Fastest to 1 Million Twitter Followers’.

The story behing the account is an interesting one, and looks to have been motivated by Sheen’s desire to make even more money from ‘ad.ly’, a service that runs celebrity endorsed accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Not that Twitter would have been likely to resist Charlie Sheen’s epic arrival. I mean, he is the most talked about man in America – and he does have tiger blood, fire breathing fists and an army of assassins.

Meanwhile, fake Steve Jobs Twitter account gets shut down
The popular spoof account, @ceostevejobs, has been shut down by Twitter. With 462,680 followers, @ceostevejobs was something of a Twitter celebrity – if such a thing can exist – and the creator must have been fairly clued up on Apple, Jobs and his opinions . The account was shut down at the request of Apple. Strange, seeing as not so long ago they resisted closing down BPGlobalPR for freedom of speech reasons….