We Are Social's Monday Mashup #76


Facebook rumoured to reach 750 million users
Last week saw Facebook apparently surpass yet another milestone – as the social network reached 750 million users, adding over 250 million users in not even a year.

Facebook vastly outperforming the rest of the internet
Facebook’s growth is even more impressive considering how the rest of the internet is performing – if you exclude online video, mobile web consumption and Facebook itself the web has seen a 9% decline in the last year. In other words, the illusion of the growth of the internet is just that – a mirage caused by Facebook posting 69% growth over the last year.

Over 50s help boost Facebook user numbers…
Facebook overtook MSN as the second most popular website in the UK last month – with Nielsen attributing the growth to more over-50s using the site.

And also join Twitter…
Twitter also grew hugely in the UK in May – with 6.1 million people visiting the site, a 34% month-on-month increase.

According to Nielsen research, this is a by-product of growth in the older demographic:

Twitter’s monthly audience boost was helped by a 65 per cent increase in the number of over 50s-men, aged between 50 to 64, accessing the site, and a doubling in the number of female pensioners (the over-65’s) going to Twitter.com to see the latest in the super-injunction row.

Minority of Facebook fans see posts
According to new research – but as previously thought – an average of only 7.5% of each Facebook Page’s fans actually see posts from the Page in their feed. This is even starker among pages with over a million fans – where only 3% are seeing the updates.

The research also finds that most engagement is in the news feed – rather than on the Page itself, emphasising the importance of Facebook news feed optimisation.

Facebook fans boost hits
The value of Facebook fans comes through more clearly – and in different ways – each week. According to new research from Hitwise, one Facebook fan is worth an extra 20 visits to sites over the course of the year. This emphasises the value of engaging fans.

Facebook launches new ad unit
Facebook have launched a new, more social, ad option which allows brands to use Questions to create Sponsored Stories:

The unit – the eighth available to advertisers on Facebook – works by having the brand pose a question on the its Facebook page, aiming for a conversation-starter. That same question will also be posed in a traditional display ad on the right hand side of the Facebook screen. If users choose to respond to the brand’s question, the conversation will move into the user’s news feed, where it has the opportunity to be commented on by the user’s friends. Brands hope to spark a lively, poignant or funny conversation that will have a life of its own. The comments from users and their friends have the ability to become a corresponding sponsored stories.

Twitter to introduce ads into stream
According to reports, Twitter will launch ads within the native stream in the very near future. It will be interesting to see the reaction to this – with many expecting a backlash.

LinkedIn launches social ads
LinkedIn have also launched a new ad format – personalised adverts based on who is in your network. Connected.

Foursquare launches new deal, prepares for future
Foursquare have launched a new deal with American Express – if you check-in with Foursquare and pay with American Express then you will receive a discount on your statement. The savings are large – a $75 spend at H&M will receive $10 back, possibly hinting at the future of Foursquare, with the link-up receiving widespread acclaim.

This link-up could be the sign of things to come for Foursquare – Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare, announced on Friday that they’re raised another $50 million in VC funding. Ching!

Foursquare launches new iPhone version
It’s truly been a bumper week for Foursquare – they’ve launched a new version of their iPhone app which makes checking in much, much quicker.

Domino’s UK Facebook check-in deal
Domino’s has launched a deal with Facebook Places in the UK – those who check-in at any store to receive the new stuffed crust pizza, will receive a free garlic bread. Enough to keep the vampires away.

Cartier launches branded channel on Youku
Cartier have launched a branded channel on Youku, the largest Chinese video-sharing site. The channel only has a few videos at the moment, but it will be interesting to see how it develops.

Blogger jailed over critical restaurant review
Last week saw a blogger in Taiwan jailed and fined for writing that a restaurant’s beef noodles were too salty. They probably should have taken the post with a pinch of salt.