The Great We Are Social Bake Off


Jim. Great cake.

There are perhaps no two things we here at We Are Social enjoy more than cake, and winning. What better to do last Friday, then, to celebrate National Baking Week and our quarterly staff mash-up party, than a competitive staff bake off?

The categories:

Hidden category was hotly contested between my (obviously totally brilliant) hidden oreo cookies (also obviously not my recipe. Go here for that), Inception Cake (more on this later), Laura’s surprise cupcakes and Jim’s barely-hidden carrot cake. Two rounds of voting couldn’t split the Oreos and Inception. I joint won. Boom.

Tall category fell upsettingly short after my dreams of sky-high cakes – but not to worry. There was still cake. After much debate the prize was awarded jointly to Hannah’s absurdly tall cat cake and our dearly-departed Jess 1’s (very hilarious) “tallest” cake – the latter was given the benefit of the doubt for doing no baking whatsoever as it was her last day. Sob, Jess, we miss you already!

Cat category saw three incredibly high-quality entries. But despite the fine showings from the others, NYAN CAKE stormed to victory – a perfectly crafted likeness of our favourite rainbow-based interwebz cat put together by a relative We Are Social n00b, Alastair. We have a feeling he’ll fit in well around here. Comiserations to Bec and Hannah – whose flourless cat and “cat with wool” were very-much-enjoyed by the hordes.

Honourable mentions outside of category go to Sam for his “Spanish Cake” (a tortilla) and Matteo & Team Research for a physical representation of share of cake. Never too far from the data. But it has to be said though, the most honourable mention and major props go to Tarryn and Dan for turning out the staggering Inception Cake. I think I’ll let their deck do the talking. (NB – play this while watching – best experienced loud and with the lights off).

Right then. I’ll to leave you with the photos of the event while I bask in stuffed-Oreo glory. Till next time, cake fans.