Launching Twitter's UK promoted tweets


Over the last few weeks Twitter has been launching its paid for services in the UK with a select group of launch partners.

Our longstanding client, Eurostar, is one these partners and this week we’re working with Twitter to pilot the new service by launching Eurostar’s new brand proposition, ‘Opening The Way’.

The activity kicked off over the weekend with Eurostar’s new TV advert that includes the hashtag #openingtheway.

Promoted Tweets were also used to tease users searching for the hashtag over the weekend about the three day competition launching on the Monday.

Teaser tweet

This also made existing followers of the @EurostarUK account aware of the competition, as the promoted tweets appeared at the top of their newstreams when they logged-in to Twitter.

When we launched the competition yesterday, a promoted trend was used to create further awareness of the competition while the promoted tweet was regularly updated throughout the day as the 1st day’s competition progressed.

Competition tweet

And as you can see, the 2nd day is going well too:

Promoted Tweet and promoted trend in situ

We’re supporting all of this by using Twitter’s promoted account functionality, which recommends the @EurostarUK account to users based on selected keywords chosen to identify tweeters who would be interested in the campaign.