Brands people want to be involved with

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It’s very interesting to see brands that have the strength, passion and appeal to actively involve people in a relationship. They do it through outreach activities and by stimulating people’s interest.

It’s fascinating to follow brands that are able to draw attention and engagement to a level that people are spontaneously willing to be involved. In these cases, people find strategies and implement real tactics to be noticed and involved by brands.

Take a look at this interesting post by Juli Ziv about how bloggers can get in touch with brands to get access to an exclusive experience such as the fashion week.

What do fashion brands have in common? How do they spark this level of involvement? How could this apply to your brand?

A fundamental step is differentiating between a “flat”, non-creative approach that can activate a generic conversation (let’s call it “buzz”) and a deep, personalized, creative and direct approach that can generate a real commitment to be part of a brand’s community. Only one of these generates real, long term, unconditioned involvement.

Involving Influencers

What are your experiences with these two types of relationship with brands? Do you have any examples? Let us know in the comments.