We are (not very good) footballers


As digital marketing professionals, one of the questions we’re frequently faced with is ‘how do we get more followers?’

After the first We Are Social football match, we finally have a conclusive answer to that question: stick a load of men in white shirts and at least three of them will follow the ball, rather than marking men, all match long.

Shoehorned in social media reference over, I can now deliver a match report of last night’s match against Edelman. We were playing Edelman as part of a new 5-a-side League we’ve joined: the London PRemier Division.

Pre-match, Strategy Director Chris Mason was overheard saying ‘I don’t do losing’ and the whole team was determined to win. Sadly, the first thing Mason managed to do was lose his ball, stolen by two twelve year olds. He tried out various stratagems to recover it, but ultimately settled for 10 mins repetition of the classic ‘can I have my ball back?’

After finally getting it back, we took to the field to face Edelman. Our first ever starting five were Dan, Dan, Joe, Jaime and Pete. Mason would have started the game but still traumatised by his encounter with the youths, he hadn’t managed to get his shin pads on and was sent off by the referee before the game had even started. Even I’ve never managed that.

Edelman raced into a 2-0 lead within a couple of minutes through some sharp finishing and I came on as our teenage prodigy, with the hope of turning things around. Soon after, the scoreline should have been 2-1: with a great turn, I went around the last defender and was in on goal when I was deliberately chopped down from behind. The referee gave nothing. At 2-1 we would have had the momentum and impetus – that decision cost the team victory.

Edelman scored straight after half-time to leave us 3-0 down. Dan McLaren pulled off some serious goalkeeping heroics, but Edelman continued to get the better of us and the referee.

With a 6-0 defeat in our opening match, we probably need a few new players in our team