We Are Social 2 – 4 Lewis PR


Adam Nasri
Adam Nasri

Spirits were high for this game in the We Are Social team, so much so that actual discussion of goals being scored were whispered in the cab on the way to the ground. As we waited nervously for our 5th team mate to show, Lewis PR seemed to have brought 2 teams to the game. It was a telling factor, amongst other things (such as teamwork, fitness and experience).

This week’s starting line up was Dan Mc, Joe, Adam, Chris and me. And no substitute.

The game started off at 100 miles an hour, with the ball pinging around like a metal ball bearing in a pinball machine. In the fracas Adam pounced on a loose ball like a young leopard in for his first kill. A couple of touches and he unleashed a hard low shot into the corner of the goal, leaving the goalkeeper no chance, to taunts of ‘Nasri’ from the opposition. 1-0 to We Are Social! The celebration was somewhat exuberant, but who cares, it was our first ever goal!

However Lewis PR’s slight advantage in tactical ability quickly had them drawing level and then taking a 2-1 advantage.

The 3rd “goal” was debatable to say the best. A Lewis PR player was a foot inside the area when he struck his shot, which is not allowed. Unfortunately the ref didn’t see it or so he claimed and in the spirit of fair play Lewis PR decided to claim the goal was legit. When I say ref, I mean an overweight man, in jeans, standing on the spot, blowing his whistle and missing important decisions. Not bitter at all.

By half time some of our players (me in particular) were feeling the “burn” (in my lungs!) and could now see that having 5 substitutes was a massive advantage.

However straight at the beginning of the 2nd half Joe picked the ball up from a lovely pass, took a good first touch and unleashed a piledriver into the corner again. As they say “we were back in it!”

The score stayed like this right until the end, when a lucky shot bobbled over Dan’s foot and gave Lewis PR a controversial win. The 2nd half was an even contest and you couldn’t help but think a few subs for our team and a little more experience playing together and the score line may have been different.

Considering this is the 2nd game that we have ever played as a “team” we did OK. Our teamwork needs some improvement and our fitness as well (well mine at least), but on the whole, there is hope! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and our football team will probably take a little longer, but it’s on the way. No doubt about it.